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15 Easy To Make DIY Bird Feeders For Kids

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Have you been on the hunt for some really great fall crafts for the kiddos to create?  How about some easy DIY bird feeders for kids to make?  Then this is the perfect post for you.  And the perfect post for me apparently. My kids are all about fall. It’s that time of the year. The leaves are falling. Birds are hunting for food. The weather is simply grand and we are spending lots of time outdoors. It’s the perfect to start feeding the birds.

DIY bird feeders for kids to make in fall and winter.


Fall Fun & DIY Bird Feeders

These kids of mine are all about fall, leaves and birds. We spend a great deal of time hiking as a family. Especially in the fall when the weather is so fantastic. A favorite is crunching in the leaves so it’s a good thing that we live where we do. Lots of leaves falling everywhere!

Kids playing in leaves.


We have an older neighborhood with tons and tons of very old oak trees. Lots of leaves falling all over the place. Lots of beautiful fall colors. Lots of fun playing in the crunchy leaves.

Fall colors and leaves in St. Louis.

That’s Parker racing me home.  He won.  I drove like 2 mph.

So fall fun crafting activity and birds… Put the two together and you get bird feeders for kids to make! I don’t know about where you are but it’s the season of change here in St. Louis and the birds are getting hungry. Time to get started on creating those for ’em! The following list contains so really easy to make bird feeders from some of my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!


15 DIY Bird Feeders For Kids To Make

  1. Cheerios and Blueberries
  2. Orange Cups
  3. Cookie Cutter
  4. Milk Jug
  5. Toilet Roll
  6. Edible Ice Wreath
  7. Pine Cones
  8. Lego Bird Feeder
  9. Glass Jar Feeder
  10. Plastic Lid Feeder
  11. Juice Carton
  12. Water Bottle Feeder
  13. Pipe Cleaner
  14. Play-Doh Feeder
  15. Cheerios

Easy to make DIY bird feeders

The LEGO one is my favorite because my kids are major fans!

Easy to make DIY bird feeders out of LEGO bricks with bird eating.

Source:  Fun Crafts Kids

Happy Fall & Winter Crafting!

Be sure to make it dandy.

What do you think of these easy DIY bird feeders for kids? Do you have any other ideas?

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