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Easy DIY Hopscotch Game Using Patio Pavers

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Patio life and backyard fun is happening on a daily basis here! We love outdoor games and have actually been playing a lot of croquet. (If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I posted in my stories that we just played a game of family croquet over the weekend.) There are just so many different family activities to do in the backyard. It’s definitely the season and time for it, too. Yard games are perfect for this extra family time, too. What with all the quarantining and social distancing! Today I’m going to share with you the easy way to make a DIY hopscotch game using patio pavers and some paint. It’s a fun way to bring the traditional schoolyard game to your own home.

Easy to make DIY hopscotch game family activity

Easy DIY Hopscotch Game Using Patio Pavers

If you are anything like me then you also liked competing in games of hopscotch on the playground back in the day. Hopscotch and tetherball were the popular games during recess. So many recess hours were spent tossing a rock to see which square I would need to skip! I always wanted those perfect squares at my home just like the ones on the blacktop at school.

School blacktop hopscotch

But of course those would have been permanent on our driveway. Sure it’s easy enough to use sidewalk chalk… then the squares wash away with the rain. What if you want something that is permanent but can also be removed as needed? Only to be brought back out again with the exact same look? This DIY way makes the squares where you can set them on the driveway or put them away in storage. Such a fun idea and so easy to do!


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How To Make A DIY Hopscotch Game


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All you’ll need for this DIY project? There’s not much! Just some square patio pavers (or stepping stones) and outdoor paint to create this fun game! It’s a project that anyone can complete in a matter of a few hours. Plus, it’s so versatile with using your own color choice and combination for the squares. You can definitely keep the painting simple or get extra creative depending on your artist skills.

Image source: Home Depot


These 12×12 inch pavers from Home Depot are the perfect size and available HERE.


For The Paint


If you use acrylic paint, that’s totally fine, but just make sure that you put a clear sealant over each colorful painted paver if you would like to leave the game outside. This will help to protect from weathering. Or you can simply store the pavers away when not being used.


If you would like something that can be more permanent, there are some really great outdoor paint options that will work for this project. I think that mural paint would be perfect. It’s built to last in all sorts of weather.

I love that the set is already in primary colors so you can mix to create the other colors. It’s easy to make a nice purple color and orange to fit the amount of numbered squares you’d like. The set of this particular mural paint is available HERE.


Then just paint away!

Easy to make DIY hopscotch game

You’ll want to have several colors to paint the squares. Then paint a number on each one as pictured.

Like I said, you can get super creative with your painting or keep it simple. Totally up to you.

I love how simple and easy this project is to do for all skill levels. It’s one that the kids can help out with, too. The end result is such a fun outdoor family activity that you’ll have for years to come!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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