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Faberge Egg Style Easter Egg Printable Coloring Page

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Decorative springtime eggs often remind me of the gorgeous Faberge eggs. It probably has something to do with all the ornateness and beautiful colors. With Easter just around the corner, here’s an Easter egg printable that’s fun to color and I think it even looks very Faberge!

Easy to make Faberge egg printable coloring page.

Since the the two type of eggs have a similar appearance, it’s important to note that they are in fact really just the same thing. While colorful decorative eggs for Easter date back to the 13th century, the first Faberge egg was actually an ornate Easter egg given as a royal gift in Russia in 1885. See what I mean? Very much the same thing!


Faberge Egg Style Easter Egg Printable Coloring Page

I’ve been busy decorating around here for the upcoming holiday. After all it’s only a few weeks away! I’ll need to get some dye and supplies for creating the eggs for the hunt, but even before that I can have my kids color away on the following free printable. As you can see, I’ve already been coloring on it myself!

Get the FREE Easter egg printable HERE.

DIY Faberge egg style Easter egg printable coloring page.


This printable is fun for all ages. I love how a different look can be created with each one, so be sure to print off multiples and try out various hues. The coloring page would also be cute tucked into an Easter basket with some colored pencils.


Have fun coloring!

Free printable Easter egg coloring page that is Faberge egg style.

More than just colorful eggs!

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There are a few decoration ideas to choose from and even some delicious recipes for the holiday. I’m quite partial to the recipe that’s chocolate covered strawberries in pastel colors. The perfect recipe for this spring holiday! It’s available HERE.

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