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Best Family Night In St. Louis: Annie At The Muny

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Last night was our first night together as a family at The Muny. It’s was the perfect night to attend a show because it was beautiful outside. Definitely not the usual for July in St. Louis! Going in I was super thrilled with that fact. Already thrilled with the fact that we were going to experience Annie at The Muny.

My kids played “duck, duck, goose” before the show.

Growing up my favorite movie was Annie. I was 4 when it was released in theaters and can actually remember attending with my family. I’m sure it was my first time at the movies. My grandparents gave me this Annie necklace to commemorate the event. The year was 1982.

I just passed the necklace down to my daughter.


Then throughout childhood I continued to watch the movie over and over again on video.  Actually I’m pretty sure our VHS copy was recorded off of the television so I had to fast forward through a few commercials that missed the pause. I also have fond memories of listening to the movie soundtrack on cassette whenever I was riding in the back seat of my grandparent’s car. Oh the 80’s.

Best Family Night In St. Louis: Annie At The Muny

The Muny is a great place to spend time together as a family. There are garden areas for the kids to run around in before the show and picnic tables to eat together. Every summer there’s a show that’s perfect for families and I was so happen to learn that this year it was dedicated to Annie at The Muny. It’s just a fantastic idea for family night! There’s even fun events taking place before the show and you can meet up with some of the cast members. Our family was so excited to meet up with a cast member who we actually know!

My oldest and this sweet girl were in class together a few years. Then she and my daughter were also at the same dance studio. This girl is definitely going places. Delaney is so very talented!

We all loved, loved, loved the show. The musical follows the 80’s movie fairly well, but in a condensed version. Of course there are a few extra songs that are only for the musical and lots more dancing. The entire show kept the kids entertained.

Annie will be at The Muny until July 25th. For tickets and more information visit or call (314) 361-1900.

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