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Family Valentine’s Day In St. Louis At Sesame Street Live

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Once upon a time we celebrated Valentine’s Day just the two of us. We got all dressed up, ate a candlelit dinner and went to fancy musicals. Then we had kids. That changed life. After kids, some people still do the couple Valentine thing. I get it and can see that side, too. But for us, we do a family Valentine’s Day.


Family Valentine's Day idea.

Family Valentine’s Day With My Forever Valentine(s)

We spent an evening of fun with our kids at Stifel Theatre. Making memories and enjoying time together as a family. As it should be. Those kids are part of our love story, so Valentine’s Day is about them just as much as it is about us.

So much fun! “Snow” falls from the ceiling of the theatre and everyone can take part in a fun snowball fight.

Family Valentine’s Day In St. Louis At Sesame Street Live

Even the almost 11-year-old enjoyed being a little kid again at Sesame Street Live. He’s so good to his younger siblings and goes along with things that he knows they will enjoy. Such an awesome big brother. I caught him laughing during the show, too. It truly is such a fun show!

Our kids were excited to see their favorites on stage.


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Who’s YOUR favorite character. My favorite is Snuffleupagus.

At Sesame Street Live, kids dance around in the aisles and all the favorite characters make an appearance. My kid’s favorites all performed.

Sesame Street Live characters performing at family Valentine's Day show.

I missed getting to see Snuffy but perhaps he’s just too big to be up there on stage!


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Stifel Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri for celebrating a family Valentine's Day with Sesame Street Live.

Image source: Feld Entertainment

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