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Free Printable Farmhouse Style Art Print

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It’s no secret that I love farmhouse style of decorating. I’m sure it goes back to my own farming heritage. My grandmother’s family were farmers in Southern Illinois. At one time they owned these beautiful farm houses and then the Great Depression hit. They lost everything, but they persevered and survived. Unfortunately never quite the same after. A few of the homes did remain. Purchased by others who fared better during the crisis. As a child I enjoyed seeing the places where my grandmother once lived. It was a part of me. Who I am today.

After the family lost their homes they were able to still retain their decor and their sense of style. My great-grandmother always had some furnishings that were reminiscent of the days gone by. I loved her wooden chairs, rag rugs, and the way she brought the outside in with her kitchen plants.

Free Printable Farmhouse Style Art Print

This art print is so easy to create a farmhouse look for your own home. You can even add some color if you would like to match your own decor. It’s a quick an easy addition to your farmhouse style.

Also a fun coloring page!

Download the farmhouse style free printable HERE.

I’ve been on the hunt lately for chairs to go with our custom dining table. The table is farmhouse style and gray in color. I’ve been wanting some black chairs to coordinate with it but have shied away from anything fabric or even wooden. This is only because I have small children and want something that’s going to hold up.

Recently I discovered these farmhouse style chairs that are metal.

How cute are they?! And such a dandy price. Perfect for my dining room.

You can order your own chairs HERE.

I’ll be ordering six chairs and then have two different chairs for the ends of the table. Now to just decide which end chairs to do… I’m thinking it would be okay to do a fabric parsons chair on the ends. I’ll just make sure the kids don’t sit there. Just a bit of mom advice there!

Here are just a few other cute farmhouse styles:

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