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DIY Farmhouse Style Burlap Shamrock Table Runner

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When it comes to comes to decorating for the Irish holiday, this girl likes to honor her ancestry. It’s a fun holiday to decorate for, too! This year I decided to get crafty and create a burlap shamrock table runner for our farmhouse style dining room table.

Easy to make DIY burlap shamrock table runner with green glass bottles and coins on a farmhouse table.

DIY Farmhouse Style Burlap Shamrock Table Runner

We have the green walls in the dining room already so I figured that it would be the perfect room to turn into a leprechaun wonderland. With just a couple purchases and some DIY crafting, the kids were impressed with the transformation when they arrived home from school. The table runner is simple, farmhouse style and only cost $2 to make!

How To Make A Farmhouse Style Burlap Shamrock Table Runner

This is the easiest DIY table runner and only costs $2 to make!

What you’ll need:

  • Roll of burlap – Available at Dollar Tree for $1 or also available HERE.
  • Stack of shamrocks – Available at Dollar Tree for $1 or also available HERE.

Materials for making a burlap shamrock table runner.


*  I picked up a 3-4 inch burlap at my local Dollar Tree. It was the perfect size for the simple table runner that I was looking to make. You might want a wider burlap so it’s totally personal preference. For the shamrocks, I used about 8 of them from a pack of 12 and they were decorative with sparkles.


What you’ll do:

  • Simply hot glue the foam shamrocks all along the burlap. I placed the shamrocks about a pencil length apart but you can do any distance to achieve the look you are going for. The pencil eraser is also a great help for securing the burlap to the hot glue and avoiding burning your fingers!

DIY burlap shamrock table runner instructions.


It’s that easy to create this table runner for St. Patrick’s Day decorating!

Burlap shamrock table runner decorating a farmhouse table.

Perfect for decorating on a farmhouse table!

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