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Farmhouse Style Decor For Every Room In Your House

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I’ve loved the farmhouse look long before Fixer Upper even became super popular. Probably because it reminds me of home. For as long as I can remember, my mom has decorated with antiques and I spent a great deal of my life in a part of Illinois where people actually live in real farmhouses. When it comes to farmhouse style decor there are just so many different looks to choose from. Read on to see just a few of my favorites which are perfect for every room in your house!

Easy to decorate farmhouse style decor for every room in your house.

Farmhouse Style Decor

When it comes to the farmhouse look, many styles can be interchanged and used in tons of spaces. Something for the kitchen can always fit perfectly in the bedroom or family room. It just depends on how you decorate around that particular piece. So many different uses!

Farmhouse Style Decor For Every Room In Your House


For the dining room:

I’m obsessed with using vintage windows in home decor, but especially when affixing a boxwood wreath.

Farmhouse style decor vintage window frame with chicken wire. Boxwood wreath farmhouse style decor.

This simple look matches any decor.



For the bedroom:

Simple art can actually add just the right touch of farmhouse style to your bedroom decor.

Always kiss me goodnight farmhouse style decor. Farmhouse style decor sign that reads you will forever be my always.

There are so many great quotes and phrases to choose from.




For the kitchen:

A rustic looking vase with some cotton stems works perfectly together in the kitchen.

Vintage metal pitcher used as Farmhouse style decor in the kitchen. Cotton stems farmhouse style decor.

This look just screams farmhouse kitchen to me.




For the bathroom:

A tea towel ladder is popular for in the kitchen, but I think it’s also a darling look for the bathroom to hold hand towels.

Bathroom tea towel ladder farmhouse style decor.

Can be style to match all the different holidays or seasons.




For the living room:

Farmhouse style industrial floating shelves and wall sconces make for trendy wall decor.

  Lantern wall sconce farmhouse style decor. Farmhouse style decor industrial pipe shelf.These actually serve a function, too.



More farmhouse style decor…


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