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Fashion Knockoffs & A Unicorn!

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Prepare yourselves for this post because it’s going to blow your mind.  I spotted several fashion knockoffs and I just couldn’t wait to share.  I’m sure you’ve see these really gorgeous dresses all over the internet.  They come in fun prints and the company makes leggings, too.  Pretty sure they only make a certain number in each print.  Well, I have this beauty in mint and it’s considered a “unicorn” because it’s hard to come by apparently.

mint dress

Here we are at a wedding right after I had the little dandy kiddo.

Now these unicorns will sell for crazy amounts.  Sometimes even double and triple the original price.  I personally think that’s a little excessive but whatever makes you happy.   and dresses all over.

Right now on you can get my mint unicorn for ONLY $22.99.  I still cannot believe that I paid $60…


It’s a dress with pockets because I say every dress should have pockets.  Get it HERE.


But there’s more fashion knockoffs.  How about this midi dress?  Only $17.99.


Even baseball tees to make a 3rd fashion knockoff!


Only $19.99!

And if you buy one of each of these fashion knockoffs?  Your total will be at $60.97.  Oh my dandy.  That’s virtually the same price I paid for that mint unicorn of mine!  Yep.  You get 3 items for the price of one.  Fashion knockoffs win!

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