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Fast Pinewood Derby Car: Winner Winner

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The Pinewood Derby has come and gone. It was a well planned out event and all involved had a dandy time. Our family even had quality bonding time making cars together. Remember how even the littlest of the family had their own car? Just for fun? Such a good idea that my husband had. An idea that will continue through the years for sure. The goal in Cub Scouts is to build a fast Pinewood Derby car. One that’s going to beat out all the others and be the winner.

See that Red Skeleton car? Doesn’t it look fast? My son (with the help of the audiologist man and my brother) made it. And it’s fast.

How do I know it’s a fast Pinewood Derby car? Watch this video to see #12 race.

Winner! Winner!

Our kid won his first ever Pinewood Derby. He was so excited by the win. That smile. It says everything and makes me tear up all over again. This kid. Sure I know he’s coming into his own, but to this point he has not ever won anything. He plays soccer but really struggles because of a hip and joint condition. Definitely not the most coordinated kid. For the longest time he would tell us he needed a certain color shoe because that was what so-in-so wore and he could run FAST. So for this to happen at his first ever Pinewood Derby?! He’s still on cloud 9 about it all and we are so happy for him.

We will definitely all remember this Pinewood Derby win for years to come. In addition to having us, his parents, in his cheering section he also had his little sister and brother.

So proud of their big brother.

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