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How To Find Babysitting Jobs In St. Louis

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The singles of St. Louis are going on dates all the time after swiping right…  or is it swiping left? This married gal is honestly not exactly sure which way someone is supposed to swipe to say there is an interest for a date! Technology is all around us here in the Lou. We have bikes and electric scooters that can be rented through an app to be ridden all over Forest Park. A driver is available at a touch of the screen. So why not use technology to your advantage when finding babysitting jobs? Are you a St. Louis babysitter looking for St. Louis jobs? A new way to do just that is coming to the Lou and the time is now to get on board! Sign up for Bambino HERE and learn more about the opportunity below!

Picture of the St. Louis Arch for how to find babysitting jobs in St. Louis with the Bambino app.

How To Find Babysitting Jobs In St. Louis

Looking for St. Louis jobs? Bambino gives you the ability to find sitting jobs AND get paid all via the same app on your phone. 

Why Bambino for St. Louis Babysitting Jobs?

With Bambino you can be your own boss as a St. Louis babysitter, but also be connected to families right where you live. So there’s no need to travel far. Plus, there’s added assurance in knowing you have been recommended by parents to their friends and other parents in your area. Taking the time to research sitting jobs near you can be a chore with your already busy schedule. Bambino takes that work out of your hands and offers you the flexibility you are looking for with great sitting jobs. You set your schedule and rates. Bambino takes care of the rest! St. Louis jobs are at your fingertips with the Bambino app.

Download the Bambino app HERE.

Be sure to tell your St. Louis babysitter friends so they can get jobs, too!


Bambino at Mom 2.0

Recently I attended Mom 2.0 in Austin and had the opportunity to meet with the minds behind Bambino. I was instantly impressed. So much so that I decided to start working as a community coordinator here in St. Louis!

Earning an income babysitting with Bambino in St. Louis.


Download the app and sign up to be a Bambino sitter HERE.


Looking for a sitter? Here’s $10 to try it out for yourself!

Advice from a real mom on how to get St. Louis babysitting jobs. Kid in superhero cape.

Babysitting St. Louis Jobs.

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