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Celebrate Fox Theatre’s 90th Birthday With Rock Of Ages

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The Fox Theatre is celebrating 90 years here in St. Louis and it’s quite the milestone to reach. Our fine theatre has went through a few changes over the years. It’s a part of St. Louis history that everyone knows and loves. My husband and I attended press night of Rock Of Ages and it’s perfect timing for the celebrations.

Fabulous Fox in St. Louis celebrates 90 years with Rock Of Ages.

Celebrate Fox Theatre’s 90th Birthday With Rock Of Ages

I think that it’s fitting that this particular musical made its way to St. Louis for 2019. The Fabulous Fox is turning 90 and Rock Of Ages has reached 10 years. Two big birthdays for two fabulous masterpieces!

Originally a movie theater, The Fox opened in 1929. It went on to house stage shows and other special events. But times change, the arts began to suffered with the economic strife of theatre goers and the venue boasting over 5,000 seats was no longer fillable.

Eventually The Fox was no longer being used for shows like it is today. Being a friend of the owner’s son, my father actually attended Halloween parties and dances at the venue in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It was the perfect location for their group of church friends to socialize together. After officially closing its doors in the late 70’s, The Fox went on to be revitalized in the early 80’s for the enjoyment of future generations to come.

It’s as if the history of The Fox Theatre has come full circle with Rock Of Ages.


All About Rock Of Ages

A Broadway phenomenon, Rock Of Ages is making its way across the country with the 10th anniversary tour. As Narrator Lonny (played by John-Michael Breen and he’s hilarious) reminds the audience at the beginning, most musicals feature a love story and Rock Of Ages is not an exception to that rule. This particular love story is still one that’s all its own. It combines the love of 80’s music and story of dreamers hoping to make it big in Hollywood. And the pipes on the entire cast? Amazing.

In some ways it’s predictable. Everyone can guess that the leads, Drew (played by Anthony Nuccio) and Sherrie (played by Katie Lamark), will end up together. It’s also not unexpected when Steve Perry’s Oh Sherrie shows up along the way given that Sherrie is a small town girl and Drew is from Detroit. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for that song, because it’s one of my favorites.

Rock Of Ages broadway musical featuring hits of the 80's.

Image source: Fox Theatre/Rock Of Ages

I’m a true 80’s girl so naturally I adore all things REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar and Poison. To have their hits featured all together in one musical is a dream come true! The story line is fun and at times over the top, but that’s to be expected in order to fit so many different musical hits from the 80’s into one show.


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Our rockstar seats fit perfectly with the title of the show.

My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed show and it’s one that we would like to see again. If 80’s songs like Sister Christian, Heaven, We’re Not Gonna Take It, We Built This City, Every Rose Has Its Thorn and I Want To Know What Love Is are totally your jam then this is the show for you, too.

* But now for the advisory… We did see quite a few kids there with their parents. Totally get that. Parents want to share their love of 80’s music with the kids and it’s definitely up to you what you want your kids to be exposed to, etc. No judgement here. However, I do feel that I need to put this out there just in case there is a parent wondering if they should or shouldn’t take the kids. If this musical was given a TV rating, it would be for mature audiences. There are plenty of adult themes, strong language and suggestive material that in my opinion are not appropriate for kids. We even heard a parent on the way out telling a friend that maybe this wasn’t the best one to take her son to. As always, use your own discretion.

It was a great date night and I love partnering with the Fabulous Fox.

Tickets for Rock Of Ages are still available HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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