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Free Chick Lit! Get The Love Potion By Becky Monson for FREE!

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Happy Christmas Eve! Becky Monson is one of my favorite authors when it comes to chick lit. And right now (TODAY ONLY) her book titled The Love Potion is FREE chick lit!

free chick lit books

Free Chick Lit! Get The Love Potion By Becky Monson for FREE!

You seriously can’t go wrong with anything by author Becky Monson. She has been one of my favorite authors for several years now. I guess from the time Thirty-Two Going On Spinster came out? Oh my goodness. I just looked and that was 2012. That was 9 year ago. NINE years. How is that even possible?!

When I saw that The Love Potion was being given for FREE then I knew that I just had to share with all of you. Because free AND Becky Monson together? Well, that is dandy! 


the love potion by becky monson free chick lit




Becky Monson is an amazing author. I’m so excited to get reading on this free chick lit over Christmas break. Thank you, Becky for giving all your fans (and the new ones headed your way) this magical gift for Christmas. You are the best!

free chick lit becky monson the love potion


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Missed it?

Missed out on the freebie? As in got here after December 24th? That is seriously okay because there are so many other great reads by Becky Monson (including The Love Potion, of course) that are amazing deals.

And if you follow Becky Monson on Facebook then you’ll hear when she has the best deals and freebies on her e-books.


What to read from Becky Monson?

I cannot recommend the Spinster Series enough.




Seriously the entire series is so good and HILARIOUS.

the spinster series by becky monson free chick lit

Get the complete Spinster Series HERE.



Looking for something out of a Christmas movie in a written form? I just started this one and it’s amazing.


How To Ruin The Holidays is Becky Monson’s newest release and I’m instantaneously hooked.

how to ruin the holidays e-book by becky monson

Get How To Ruin The Holidays HERE.




Another great read from Becky Monson is The Accidental Text. So cute and funny.

author becky monson the accidental text book

Get The Accidental Text HERE.



More Comedic Chick Lit?

I love that Becky’s books are interesting, fun to read and fully of hilariousness. Like I seriously laugh out loud and can’t put any of her stuff down once I start reading.

Here are just a few of the books the I found too funny.


Just A Name


 author becky monson just a name

Get Just A Name HERE.




Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

author becky monson speak now or forever hold your peace


Get Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace HERE.



All of the above books are perfect sitting down with a cup of hot cocoa and reading for the holidays.

But remember that Thirty-Two Going On Spinster is what started it all. That book reminded me so much of my single days. If I could write a book… Ha! Becky’s sense of humor is amazing and will truly always brighten your day. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas!



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