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FREE Disney Cars 3 Printable Coloring Sheets

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Ka-Chow! Our family absolutely LOVED Cars 3. Such a cute movie and so much like the original. Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so we can add it to our collection! Have you been celebrating around your house since the release, too? There’s just something about kids and Disney/Pixar’s Cars franchise. It’s definitely dandy! These Cars 3 printable coloring sheets are perfect for kids to color before or after seeing the movie. Basically something fun to do this summer to commemorate the release of the newest installment.


FREE Disney Cars 3 Printable Coloring Sheets 

Here are three movie characters that kids will love imagining with. Most importantly these are free so you can’t go wrong with that. Have your kids make their own DIY coloring book with these cute printable coloring sheets. Summer fun is right here when you download these Cars3 printable coloring sheets:

Just click on the character name above, download and print today!

If you haven’t watched the official trailer yet then be sure to do so below:

Be sure to see the movie stat and collect all the cars HERE.


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CARS 3 is now playing in theatres everywhere!


Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think of it? 

Planning to see the movie soon? It’s a dandy one!


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