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Free Printable Fitness Reward Chart

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This shop has been compensated by CollectiveBias, Inc. on behalf of its advertiser, ZonePerfect. #MyLittleWins #CollectiveBias – Starting a fitness regimen is usually part of the new year and using a visual chart is helpful. Positive reinforcement is also a powerful tool for reaching personal goals. Looking to get fit in the new year? A printable fitness reward chart is a good idea for those New Year’s resolutions. Most definitely an effective way to change habits that anyone can do!

Easy to track fitness reward charge with colorful flowers.

Free Printable Fitness Reward Chart

For me the New Year’s resolutions always sound like a great idea the year before. Then the new year actually hits and it all starts to fall by the wayside. I would imagine that’s the same for a lot of people. Sure we start out sticking to our goals, but then life just gets in the way. And quickly. We are busy. We struggle to accomplish everything that we have going on. It’s hard to stay on task.

I’ve been on a weight loss journey to get healthier. There are so many great resources to help me along the way, but I thought a cute and fun way to record my progress would be with a printable fitness reward chart. Visual reward charts often make it easier to see those big-picture goals. For me I’ve found that by setting smaller goals with specific tasks and a tangible reward I can actually achieve the changes that I’m working towards.

Get a free printable walking chart HERE.


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When do people stop New Year’s Resolutions?

The end of January is actually when people start to stop the resolutions. While largely debated, on average forming a habit can take anywhere from 20-60 days. This would make sense because if a person doesn’t make it the first 30 days then their habit will not be formed and that particular resolution will end.

Create positive habits with a free printable fitness reward chart!

We all start out hitting the resolution hard and then slowly the goals start to slide. Other things take priority and before we know it the ways of the past are back. I’m here to tell you that your goals can still be accomplished. If your goal is to incorporate more fitness into your life then I’ve created a handy free printable fitness reward chart that you can totally use. I guess you could technically use this reward chart for any goal that you are looking to achieve. It’s an easy way to track your commitment and fun because you get to color in the days that you accomplish your goal. Think of it as a coloring book and goal sheet in one. Get healthy the dandy way!

My resolution this year is to be healthier. Not just to lose weight but to eat healthy and get exercise for my health. For me it has been helpful that my support work for my undergraduate was in community health. I took a lot of classes that taught how to stay encouraged while getting healthy. Basically the psychology of health was my main focus. One of my favorite lectures in school dealt with setting a goal and then giving yourself a reward when the goal was accomplished. That’s actually where I came up with the idea for this fitness reward chart tutorial that I’m sharing with you today!

Reward your good behavior (or rather your fitness) with a simple rewards chart!

Free Printable Reward Chart That Tracks Physical Activity

This chart works well with weight loss programs, too! Just incorporate x number of pounds per week in place of the physical activity.


Fitness reward chart printable in black and white.

  • Step 2:  Write in your goal. (Example: Workout twice a week for one month)

Track workouts and exercise with this fitness reward chart coloring page.

  • Step 3: Write in your reward. (Example: This could be any type of simple rewards like a candy reward or dinner out or something even bigger like a new pair of shoes.)
  • Step 4: Each time you complete a workout then color in a flower on the chart.

Fitness goals and fitness reward chart.

  • Step 5: Reward yourself at the end of the month (or end of the week) when you reach your goal

Easy To Track Fitness Reward Chart

So easy to keep track of my exercise. I’m making my fitness goals a reality with this dandy chart and I’m coloring away stress at the same time!


Get a free printable walking chart HERE.



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And those little wins are how we all can achieve our goals!

What types of reward charts are there?

There are so many different types of reward charts that are a positive way to create good habits and even organize your life. Here are just a few of the most popular reward chart ideas:

Chore chart – Parents are all about this type of chart and encouraging kids to take part in the chores around the house!

Water trackers – We can all stand to drink more water and tracking the amount we drink is easy to do with the help of a chart.

Meal plans chart – Planning out the meal plan each week is so helpful especially with busy schedules. It’s also a real money saver by only getting the items at the grocery store that are needed for those specific meals.

Potty training chart – This is a well known type of chart in a lot of families. A great way to help toddlers learn to use the restroom and avoid accidents.

Weight loss trackers – Tracking weight loss is another popular type of chart that is very similar to a fitness one.

What are some of YOUR goals for the new year?

I hope you enjoy the FREE printable fitness reward chart and I hope that it helps to achieve your own goals.

Good luck on all of your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Pin the fitness reward chart for later!

Free printable fitness reward chart.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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