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Free Printable Peacock Plumette Coloring Sheet

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Have you seen anything about the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast movie? Things about the characters? Of course many of the characters are exactly the same. Nothing really new in terms of portrayal, etc. However, I love the fact that there have been the tiniest of updates to some of the favorite characters. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the feather duster, Plumette, isn’t just an ordinary feather duster like in the cartoon version. She is in fact an intricate white peacock feather duster. Nothing should go understated in this version of Beauty and the Beast… and Disney has definitely pulled out all the stops. It looks like a very magical movie. I’m so excited to see the movie and I’m happy to be able to bring you this free printable peacock Plumette coloring sheet. And just because Plumette is a white peacock does not mean that you can’t get colorful with your artwork. Let your kids (and yourself) be creative with color!

Isn’t she lovely?

Get the free printable peacock Plumette coloring sheet HERE.

There’s also a darling Cadenza coloring sheet that you can print off HERE.

I think the lesser know characters are simply dandy! Anyone else?

If you haven’t already then be sure to check out a few of the newest released movie clips below.

Or watch ’em a second or third or fourth time even. I won’t judge.

Who is your favorite character from Beauty and the Beast?

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