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Free Printable Valentine Maze Valentine’s Day Card

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Get ready to have an amazing Valentine’s Day! Due to allergies elementary school Valentines need to be candy free. But that doesn’t mean that all the fun is taken out of Heart’s Day. Creating your own printable Valentine cards are so easy to do and perfect for giving out at the school parties. Adding a fun heart shaped maze puzzle favor to a printable Valentine maze card also makes it candy free!

free printable valentine maze cards

Free Printable Valentine Maze Valentine’s Day Card

I love creating printable Valentines for my kids and then passing along the file to you. This is something that I have been doing for years. You might have noticed that this year alone I’ve already posted THREE different options for printable Valentines!

One of my sons has food allergies (and was actually in the ER recently due to a reaction) so creating candy free Valentine cards is very important to me and a speciality of mine. I think on it and then work up an idea for something that’s unique and candy free that my little 2nd grader will really be proud of. So often allergy kids feel left out not being able to eat the same candies and treats as other kids. It’s nice to give them something special that they can feel good about and to help them have an amazing Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day Maze Printable

These printable Valentine cards are unique in the fact that you don’t even have to have the maze puzzle toys to go with the card. There’s a heart maze already right on the card that kids can complete with a marker. That’s right. The Valentine printable cards are perfectly fine as is!

Printable Valentine Maze Cards

So easy to make and a cute idea for all ages and I love how these turned out!

Kids will love helping to make these printable Valentine cards, but also enjoy giving them out to friends and family. It’s also a great family activity idea to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Spend time together making Valentines!

We have a lot snow in the forecast on Wednesday… so you know what we will be doing around here. But I’m also supposed to be on Great Day St. Louis that morning (to talk about DIY Valentines no less) so I’m really stressed about the weather. How will I get downtown if it snows a ton?!

What you’ll need to make these amazing maze Valentines:

  • Heart maze puzzle favors – There are tons of different Valentine themed maze favors HERE. The ones I ordered are in 4 different colors and less than 25 cents each! Granted it was a pack of 72 heart maze puzzle favors. Ha! But these are perfect for making the same Valentines for more than one kid in your family. Or you can split with another mom friend!
heart maze puzzle toys

  • free printable – The printable cards are perfectly sized for a 4×6 photo. Printed at Walgreens for less than 25 cents each!

What you’ll do to make these amazing maze Valentines:

  • Print off the cards as a 4×6 photo. I like ordering my prints from Walgreens photo lab, because there’s almost always a coupon. Like right now? Under 25 cents each!

You can use the file HERE to make the printable Valentine maze cards.

  • Simply attach the plastic heart maze puzzles with a piece of tape. Fits perfectly over the heart with arrow in the right bottom corner of the card!

Such an easy DIY Valentine to make!

Kids will also love that these cards say to have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

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