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Free Printable Zipper Bracelet Valentine Card

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day cards unique design is always the way to go. Kids just love giving out a fun Valentine with a special surprise or small toy attached. Say Happy Valentine’s Day in a way that’s just a little bit extra by giving a free printable zipper bracelet Valentine card. Friendship bracelets and Valentine’s Day card in one… perfect for the school Valentine’s Day party!

Zipper Bracelet Valentine Card

Free Printable Zipper Bracelet Valentine Card

When it comes Valentine’s Day gift cards there are so many various Valentine ideas out there. So you really can’t go wrong when you print out something that someone else has already created. I love to create unique Valentines for my kids to hand out at school. As the mom of 4 (with the oldest being a freshman in high school now) it’s something that I’ve been doing a long time. In the past I’ve done Star Wars themed Valentines with glow sticks, Harry Potter magic wand, the ever popular pop its and so many more!

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2023 Fidget Valentine

It all started when my SIL told me about these cool bracelets HERE. They come in a variety pack of all different colors and are so much fun. I knew immediately that I just had to get the perfect accessory to fidget with for attaching to a Valentine this year.

Zipper Bracelets

Kids love giving a perfect gift and right now they are major fans of zipper bracelets. Naturally that means that they will love these Valentine’s Day gift cards (Valentines that include a small toy or gift) that have cute plastic zippers attached. Like I said, the perfect accessory for fidgeting!

plastic zipper bracelets

Zipper Bracelet Valentine Card Pun

But what to say on the card??? That was the hard part. Creating the zipper themed Valentine was easy to do digitally, but the saying on the card took a bit longer than that. It took a few weeks of thinking on it. I tossed around so many different ideas in my head. Of course I didn’t want something that had been done before. I wanted something that was unique and that you would love just as much as I do. Because of course, like all the other Valentines I create for my kids, I would be giving away the free printable digital file here on my blog.

The good pun was actually finally born last week when I was in California. While sitting around chatting with the friend I was visiting (and her 14-year-old daughter) we started discussing all the different forms of the word zip. I said “zipping by” and the rest is history for this fidget Valentine!

What is a fidget?

Fidgets are typically a small object or toy that a person can move in their hands to help with feelings of anxiety and to stay focussed. These items are particularly of great help to certain students who need to be staying busy doing something while learning, maintaining focus on the lessons being taught in the classroom.

When did the first fidget spinner come out?

Fidget spinners were actually invented in the late 90’s but didn’t achieve the height of popularity until years later. Made popular again on social media (like YouTube), in 2017 kids everywhere just had to have a fidget that spun. And as with most things in childhood, kids would collect and trade the plastic spinners. At that point the appeal wasn’t just about maintaining focus during class, but all about fun!

Zipping by to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fidget Valentine Idea

Say Happy Valentine’s Day with a cute zipper Valentine card!

free printable zipper bracelet valentine card

What you’ll need to create a zipper bracelet Valentine card:

Zipper bracelets

Free PDF file

Hole punch or Exacto knife

diy zipper bracelet valentine card

How to make the cards:

Simply print off the Valentine (using the free printable file HERE) on 4×6 photos at CVS. (I love going the printed photo route as opposed to printing at home on cardstock. Photos are easy to order online and there’s almost always a coupon for 40-50% off!)

Use the hole punch to make holes in the card that are large enough for the bracelet to fit through.

diy valentines day cards

Affix the zipper bracelet by looping through the holes.

free printable zipper bracelet valentine cards

It’s that easy to make these cute Valentine cards!

Other Fidget Valentines

Want to use a push bubble bracelet or pop it keychain for Valentines instead? I made some cute pop quiz ones last year that were a huge hit. Get that free printable HERE.

More Free Printable Valentines

When it comes to unique Valentine cards I actually have quite a few options right here on the blog for your. See all the different DIY Valentines HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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