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Frozen Gift Ideas To Celebrate The New Disney Movie

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November 12th. It’s a big day for Disney and for Disney fans. It’s launch day for Disney plus launch and people everywhere definitely have the most magical place on Earth on their minds. But there’s also a new Disney movie coming out later this month and I have a list of the best Frozen gift ideas to celebrate!

Best Frozen gifts for girls.

Frozen Gift Ideas To Celebrate The New Disney Movie

The holiday season is upon us and these Frozen gifts for girls are perfect for placing under the tree!


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November is more than just Disney plus! The new Disney movie, Frozen 2 comes to theaters on November 21st and here are some Frozen gift ideas to celebrate.


Frozen Gifts For Girls


Disney Frozen Necklace Activity Set

Disney Frozen necklace activity set.

Tara Toys Disney Frozen 2 Necklace Activity Set

This Disney Frozen necklace kit is perfect for DIY. It has everything needed to create a few adorable Frozen necklaces to wear or share!




Disney Frozen Activity Set

Disney Frozen activity set with ultimate stickers and jumbo coloring book.

Disney Frozen Coloring Book Activity Set with Stickers and Snowflake Stamper

This Disney Frozen activity set has everything needed for a coloring, stamping and fun afternoon with the girls from Frozen 2!




Disney Frozen Elsa Doll

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa doll with fashion dress.

Disney Frozen Elsa Fashion Doll Inspired by Frozen 2

Girls everywhere will love this Disney Frozen Elsa. Add a fashionable touch to playtime with these fashion dolls from Frozen!




Disney Frozen Castle Playset

Disney Frozen castle playset doll house with Anna and Elsa.

Disney Frozen Pop Adventures Arendelle Castle Playset

This Disney Frozen Castle playset is a must have. The castle play house comes with accessories and a few favorite characters from the film.




Disney Frozen 2 UNO Card Game

Disney Frozen 2 UNO card game.

Mattel Games UNO Disney Frozen II

This version of Uno is so cool it is FROZEN! The Disney Frozen 2 UNO card game is a prefect stocking stuffer.




Disney Frozen 2 Karaoke Microphone

Disney Frozen 2 Karaoke Microphone

Disney Frozen 2 Karaoke Sing Along Microphone

If you are shopping for a girl who loves the music from the movie, this Disney Frozen 2 karaoke microphone is the perfect way for her to take her performances to the next level.




Disney Frozen Armchair

Disney Frozen armchair with Anna and Elsa.

Delta Children Upholstered Chair, Disney Frozen

Add a cushy seat to your Disney fans space with this Frozen armchair!




Frozen Wood Puzzles

Frozen wood puzzles

Frozen Disney 5 Wood Puzzles in Wooden Storage Box

Finding the perfect gift shouldn’t be puzzling, it happens to be an assortment of Frozen wood puzzles!




LEGO Frozen Elsa’s Market Adventure

Frozen LEGO Elsa Market Adventure

LEGO Disney Frozen Elsa’s Market Adventure

Girls will love recreating the market from Frozen with this Lego set!





Frozen Figurine Set

Frozen 6-piece figurine set

6-Piece Frozen Figurine Set

This 6 action figure set brings a lot of Frozen fun to play time!




Frozen 2 Elsa Musical Doll

Frozen Elsa musical doll.

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Musical Doll

This Elsa doll sings the song from Frozen 2 and has a light up dress. Your fan will never want to let it go once she sees Elsa!




LEGO Frozen 2 Elsa Wagon Carriage Adventure

Disney LEGO Frozen 2 Elsa Wagon Adventure

LEGO Frozen 2 Elsa Wagon Carriage Adventure

This Lego kit was inspired by Frozen 2 and will have girls ready to build Elsa’s carriage.




Elsa’s Bedroom Pop-Up Playset

Elsa Frozen bedroom pop up playset.

Disney Frozen Pop Adventures Elsa’s Bedroom Pop-Up Playset

This play set pops up to display Elsa’s bedroom for a fun play adventure!




Frozen 2 Plush Dolls

Frozen 2 plush doll set.

Disney Frozen 2 Stylized Plush Collector Set

These Frozen 2 plush dolls are cute and cuddly and perfect for gifting!




Frozen Tea Set


Frozen toy tea set.

Disney Frozen 26 Piece Dinnerware Tea Set

Have a tea party Arendelle style with this cute Frozen tea set!


So many great Frozen gift ideas for girls just in time to celebrate the new Disney movie!

Frozen 2 opens on November 21st so be sure to get your tickets now…

And I’m off to sign up for Disney plus like the rest of the country!



Frozen gift ideas to celebrate the Disney movie Frozen 2.




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