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You Don’t Have To Go To Hawaii To Get Hawaiian Sandals

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In college I had major sandal envy when it came to the students who were from the West Coast or had started out attending BYU-Hawaii. We were all in Utah at the time and basically everyone wore flip flops or sandals year round. While I had tons of flip flops, I really wanted a pair of Hawaiian sandals. They were all the rage in the late 90’s that’s for sure! Such a popular summer style. My first visit to Hawaii was 4 years ago and I didn’t get a pair of my sandals then. But did you know that you don’t even have to go to Hawaii to get a pair?! Read on to find out where you can get the island’s famous footwear without going on a Hawaiian vacation.

Best beach shoes for Hawaii vacation

You Don’t Have To Go To Hawaii To Get Hawaiian Sandals


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I sure do love Hawaii! It’s such a peaceful and slow paced place to vacation. Definitely one of my favorite destinations. We just went with my husband’s family (adults only) the end of January and it was such a great trip. This was only my second time visiting the Big Island. The weather was wonderful and it was wonderful that we had the experience before all the world shut down. I cannot wait to go again on a Hawaiian vacation!

Pololu Valley Beach


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It was a tough hike to get to the Pololu Valley beach but so worth it!


And… I got my favorite pair of sandals while in Hawaii!


While I did finally get a pair of those treasure sandals in Hawaii in January, I realized recently that I could have just bought a pair online!

Pali Hawaii Jandals

These Pali Hawaii Jandals are just so comfortable. I also love how durable they are. Perfect for summer style!


Get a pair of Hawaiian sandals HERE.

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Get a pair of Pali Hawaii Jandals HERE.


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