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Gilmore Girls Theory To Beat All Other Theories

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I’ve been waiting to spill my Gilmore Girls theory for a while now. Waiting mostly for the big announcement that another season is on the horizon. Only that next installment is still yet to be announced so I couldn’t keep my theory to myself any longer. In my mind the lack of announcement could mean one of three things. 1.) The producers haven’t decided yet.  2.) There’s not going to be another season.  3.) The producers know that they want to do another season but they are just letting it drag out for us to all discuss and conflict over the possibilities before making the big announcement. Personally I’m holding out hope in the camp of #3. I think the series will continue and it will also fully confuse us when it returns because nothing we think we know is actually true.


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My theory began to develop shortly after Rory began writing her book. Her book was supposed to be a memoir about the life of growing up as a Gilmore in Stars Hollow BUT I think somewhere along the way (unbeknownst to the viewing audience) she changed it from a memoir to a book that was part reality and part fiction. Is it just me or did so much of “Fall” began to feel like an elaborate dream sequence? As if constantly on the brink of reality vs. fiction. Now I know that in actuality none of this is reality because it is in fact a TELEVISION SHOW but just bear with me. I will make sense out of all of this rambling.


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Ultimately my theory is as follows: I don’t think Luke and Lorelai got married at the end of Fall. Or at least not in the sense that we think they did. I think they got married in Rory’s book. Think about it. The wedding was just too magical and after the vows Rory and Luke run down the steps holding hands. It should have been Luke and Lorelai running down the steps if they had just gotten married. That would mean that Rory is not in fact pregnant. In her fictional ending to the book she’s pregnant but in the real Stars Hollow she’s not. She went to meet with her father to get his feelings on her being raised without him but this had nothing to do with Logan and everything to do with her book. She chose to bring her fictional book full circle. It would make sense with how things were left. Or maybe this is so very far fetched… Another possibility? It was all just a dream. This would also make sense because Rory was awoken suddenly in the night for the “wedding”.


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It will be interesting to see if Netflix brings us another season!

What’s YOUR Gilmore Girls theory?


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