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Girls Modest Shorts Are Dandy

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At our house we put an emphasis on modesty and since we have a little girl I’m always on the hunt for girls modest shorts.  They are hard to find I tell you!  Everywhere I look there are tons and tons of shorts that in my opinion should not be worn by a 3-year-old.  The majority options are not even close to being considered to be modest shorts.  To each their own I suppose.  But are you in the same boat as me?  Looking for some dandy girls modest shorts?  My latest find?  Skimmer shorts at The Children’s Place.



Aren’t they adorable?  Totally modest shorts!

There’s plenty of other colors and prints available at The Children’s Place so be sure to check them all out.    So many fun dandy girls modest shorts options for the summer!

Right now The Children’s Place is even having a HUGE sale.  It’s a MONSTER SALE really.


In addition to modesty you all know that I’m also a fan of a dandy deal.  So why not stock up while you can?  That’s how I shop for my kids.  I never pay full price for anything.  Even if I have the money to pay full price I cannot bring myself to do it.  Why pay full price if you can get a deal?  Coupon shopping is the way to do it and I’m all about the online shopping with a great coupon code.  30% off is one of my favorite ways to save and right now you can get 30% off with the code ‘COUPON3’ on purchases of $60 or more.  So easy to get when you are shopping for a family of a few kiddos.  *wink*

In fact you get this entire girls modest outfit for only $12.93 when you use that dandy coupon code.



I’m so in love with this outfit styling and I hope that my little Ruby loves it just as much as I do.

In this day and age modest shorts are available.  You just have to know where to look to find them.

Stay tuned…  Next I’m going to share with you some really great kids t-shirts at a major dandy of a deal.

Happy girls modest shorts shopping and have a very dandy weekend!



*This posting does contain affiliate links but all opinions are as always my own.


Friday 19th of February 2021

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