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Give Thanks Bookmarks To Color For Thanksgiving

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We’ve officially hit the season of thanksgiving! The time to feel all the thankfulness and gratitude. And eat lots of good food as a family. In preparation you can use these free printable coloring give thanks bookmarks at your Thanksgiving Day kid’s table. A bookmark and coloring page in one and sure to be the hit of the meal!

give thanks bookmarks thanksgiving kids table craft

Give Thanks Bookmarks To Color For Thanksgiving

These printable bookmarks are the perfect gratitude craft for kids to decorate while sitting at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving or just for fun the entire month of November. Bookmark crafts are also a great idea for school classrooms and after school activities for the kids to enjoy. Kids (and adults) will love getting creative by coloring the bookmarks and then using as a placemark in their favorite book.

And about that kids’ table…

History of the Kids’ Table

The kids’ table is not at all a new concept. In fact it has become a tradition in most families with some humor in who is sitting at the smaller table and when promotion to the big table takes place. I envision this well known tradition to have begun back in pioneer or Little House on the Prairie days when all the kids wouldn’t fit around the main table. So a separate table had to suffice.

In our family (since I only have one brother) there has always been room for a few children at the main table. These spots are typically reserved for the older children in the family and then a small group of children sits over at the kid’s table. So it’s a big day when a kid becomes a teen because that means, if there’s room at the main Thanksgiving table, they can start sitting at the adult table.

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Holiday Kids’ Table

The kids’ table for Thanksgiving, or any holiday or special occasions really, doesn’t have to be boring at all. It can be decorated to fit a theme, but also have items that can help to keep kids entertained. Often these holiday kids’ tables have some sort of activities or coloring placemats so kids can have fun at their table.

Get free printable Thanksgiving placemats HERE.

Perfect for the kid’s table and a great way to document what everyone is thankful for. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks

free printable diy give thanks bookmarks

Give Thanks Bookmarks

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with this easy to do gratitude craft!

These DIY give thanks bookmarks are so easy to make. Simply print off the PDF HERE and then place on the kids’ table with a bucket of crayons.

Not just for kids on Thanksgiving! This could be a fun little activity for kids to do at school, too. Overall all just a great craft idea for fall and the season of gratitude. You might even want to color one yourself!

Make your own bookmarks for Thanksgiving! You can also print off this unique Thanksgiving word search from The Spruce Crafts.

More Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Ideas

Looking for more Thanksgiving kids’ table ideas? Here are a few Thanksgiving activities that I think are great as well! All easy to do and fun for the holiday meal.

Build A Turkey Stickers

build a turkey stickers

How cute are these for kids of all ages to get creative building their own turkey? Get the Build A Turkey stickers HERE.

Thanksgiving Turkey Gratitude Craft

These are adorable and a great way for the entire family to fill in with their own Thanksgiving messages. So not at all just for the table that the kids sit at! Get the Thanksgiving turkey gratitude craft HERE.

Check out the other Thanksgiving ideas on the Seeing Dandy blog HERE.

Get the Give Thanks bookmarks HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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