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Easy To Make Gluten Free Bacon Spaghetti Recipe

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Bacon spaghetti is a dish that my grandmother often made for dinner whenever we were visiting. A one pot pasta, it’s a meal that brings back fond memories of childhood. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making it gluten free for a while now and I’m pleased to say that I succeeded in making both a pasta recipe that’s gluten free and it turned out delicious. My kids ate it right up! I have a feeling that I’ll be making it for years to come. And… Of course I’m going to share the gluten free bacon spaghetti recipe with you!

gluten free bacon spaghetti recipe

Easy To Make Gluten Free Bacon Spaghetti Recipe

This is the seriously the easiest one pot pasta dish that I’ve made in a long time. It’s really quick to make and that’s a must have now that the kids are back in school. Anyone else super busy these days?!

A good one pot pasta recipe is what you definitely want in your recipe box. These types of pastas always help to get a delicious meal on the table in half the time, making it easier to enjoy a meal together as a family. And you only have the one pot to clean up with the dishes instead of multiple pots and pans!


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What is one pot pasta?

One pot pasta is basically the same thing as a dump pasta. You dump all the ingredients into one pot. No need to dirty multiple pots and pans with this dish!

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My Grandma’s Bacon Spaghetti Recipe Made Gluten Free

Do you have family recipes that have been passed down for generations? I know that your family will enjoy this classic recipe as much as mine does. It’s all made in one pot and delicious!


gluten free bacon spaghetti recipe


Ingredients for this gluten free bacon spaghetti recipe:

homestyle ragu thick and hearty traditional pasta sauce


Directions for making gluten free bacon spaghetti:

  • Cook your spaghetti
  • Add chopped onion and bacon
  • Toss with your favorite NEW RAGÚ® Homestyle sauce
  • Add a dash of sugar (optional, but it’s my grandma’s secret ingredient)

one pot pasta


That’s right! All in one pot. This recipe is so easy to make and turned out fabulous every time. 

Serve and ENJOY!

bacon spaghetti recipe


See what I mean? Super easy to make and all in one pot.

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