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Gluten Free Hot Cocoa Cookies with Marshmallow Chips

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Gluten free cookies have never been sweeter with the flavor of hot cocoa and marshmallows! The perfect cookies for the winter months (or holiday season) is undoubtedly hot cocoa cookies made with marshmallow and hot chocolate mix chips. From the first bite, your taste buds will delight in the cup of hot cocoa flavor coming to you in cookie form. 

gluten free hot cocoa cookies

Gluten Free Hot Cocoa Cookies with Marshmallow Chips

My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies. We are talking melt in your mouth chocolate goodness. By far my favorite cookies. They are that good. Unfortunately I had to trade in my mom’s cookies for easy gluten free cookies when I received a celiac disease diagnosis several years ago. I was devastated.

Due to my condition, I’m always on the hunt for the best gluten free cookie recipes. And my mom? She perfected her recipe to be perfectly gluten free for me. She just makes two batches, one gluten free and one full of gluten. I almost like her gluten free chocolate chip cookies better than the original. Almost. Seriously, I love how crisp and crunchy these cookies are. (If you want a more chewy cookie then I suggest baking for less time.) Thank you to my mom for transforming her famous chocolate chip cookies into gluten free for me!

What is the easiest way to make hot chocolate cookies?

Toll House has done it again! You can make delicious hot chocolate cookies easily with the unique bag of Toll House chocolate chips. The Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow flavored morsels have the hot chocolate flavor that really makes the cookie!

Hot cocoa cookies are a great idea for making on a cold winter day and serving with a big mug of hot cocoa. Instead of soft marshmallow, the flavor is in what looks to be white chocolate chips. So easy to make with Toll House morsels and so delicous!

Don’t miss any of my other favorite cookie recipes!

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My Celiac Disease Story

I was blogging about gluten free recipes for quite some time and then stopped. Why is that? Well, here’s the story… I was first diagnosed with celiac disease over 7 years ago. I say first diagnosed because for many years I lived the gluten free diet. Then Covid happened and I ate a piece of real pizza one day. I didn’t get sick at all.

Keep in mind that I had never really gotten sick from eaten gluten before. I had almost no symptoms of celiac disease besides heartburn and mouth sores. While one a business trip, the heartburn became particular bad. I was miserable and developed horrible canker sores. The gastroenterologist performed an endoscopy checking to make sure that I didn’t have an ulcer or that anything else was amiss. He took a biopsy and low and behold, it came back positive for celiac disease. I immediately began living gluten free and not going to lie, it was quite depressing at first.

gluten free images

Time went by and I became used to just being gluten free, but then cheating by eating that slice of pizza happened. I figured if I was going to be sick all night, then I’d go out in style. I proceeded to eat another slice of pizza and several Girl Scout cookies. And then… I didn’t get sick.

I heard somewhere that there was another condition that could mimic celiac disease on biopsy and so I just figured that was the case with me. I had never had the blood work done and it was that time in life when Covid kept everyone away from the doctor’s office unless it was an emergency. So I just kept eating gluten. Not the brightest decision in my life.

Shortly after, I became pregnant with our 4th and last child. I was still eating gluten, not getting sick, and my internist suggested that it was due to being pregnant because some autoimmune diseases go dormant during pregnancy. So I continued to eat all things gluten. After our daughter was born, I continued not to get sick from gluten and just kept on eating it. She is now almost 3.

And here we are at my 45th year of life and getting the present that comes with that birthday, time for a colonoscopy. Before going to the GI, I started reading studies pointing towards those with celiac disease developing other autoimmune diseases and even cancer when not following a gluten free diet. Upon consulting with the GI doctor, nearing the end of 2023, it was decided to do a gluten challenge over the holidays. One where I could eat all the gluten I wanted and then would get labs drawn 10 days later. Sadly my blood work came back that I am positive for celiac disease. So it’s back to gluten free eating and gluten free recipes for me!

gluten free recipes

Gluten Free Recipes

Here are just a few of my favorite recipes that I’ve turned gluten free over the years:

Gluten Free Funnel Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Toffee Tastic Girl Scout Cookie Fairy Pudding Dessert Recipe

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Gluten Free Pineapple Treat Recipe

What other types of gluten free recipes would you like to see here on Seeing Dandy? Let me know and I’ll try to come up with an option!

Delicious Hot Cocoa Cookies


2 1/2 cup all-purpose gluten free flour (Or use regular flour if you prefer)

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

3/4 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup white sugar

1 cup unsalted butter (softened)

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 package Toll House Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow flavored morsels

*My mom uses a flour that is mainly rice flour with some xanthan gum and it’s the cookies turn out perfectly crisp.

* You can make gluten free chewy chocolate chip cookies with almond flour instead of all purpose, you will just need to also bake them slightly less than 9 minutes to achieve a more chewy texture. The flavor would be really yummy too. My son has a nut allergy so almond flour is out at house.

Toll House hot cocoa and marshmallow chocolate chips


Combine flour and other dry ingredients together in a medium bowl.

At medium speed, mix together both types of sugar and butter together in a separate bowl with a hand mixer (or in the bowl of a stand mixer). Mix until creamy.

Add eggs and vanilla.

Stir in flour mixture and chocolate chips.

Using a cookie scoop to form the cookie dough into balls. 

Place cookie dough balls onto a prepared baking sheet that’s either greased with cooking spray or covered in parchment paper.

Bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes.

Transfer cookies to a wire rack for cooling.

It’s just so easy to make this gluten free cookie dough!

hot cocoa cookies

Extra tips for making hot cocoa cookies:

Add 1 cup mini marshmallows to the cookie dough to create gooey hot chocolate cookies.

If you’d like to add more hot chocolate flavor to hot cocoa mix 

Ice the cookies with some marshmallow fluff.

Add some mini marshmallows to the top of the cookies.

Looking for more winter and holiday cookies? See all the Christmas cookies on the blog HERE. Keep in mind that some are gluten free and other are not. Now that I’m all in, I’ll have to get to work on converting more cookie recipes over to being gluten free!)


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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