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Gluten Free In St Louis: The Block

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I love living in St Louis and I love all the that we have here.  Tons and tons of yummy things to eat.  A big stress for me when I found out that I have celiac disease was whatever would I be able to eat???  Could I still eat out in our fine city?  Were there any options to eat gluten free in St Louis?  How would I learn where I could eat?  Well the answer is yes I can still eat out.  There are quite a few options actually.  I’ve learned this by trial and error.  And I’m still learning.  For me this whole disease is a process.  Be it from learning about the diagnosis to living with it.  It’s a process but I’m getting through it one day at a time.

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Living Gluten Free in St Louis

Even with this diagnosis I’m finding that I can still eat out at many of our favorite places.  I just have to modify my selections.  Keep in mind that the kitchen’s of our favorite places are not gluten free.  So there’s the possibility of contaminants.  BUT…  1.) My doctor told me not to stress about this.  2.) I don’t have the normal symptoms of celiac disease so I wouldn’t know if I’ve been contaminated or not.  So I don’t stress about it and I just don’t eat out as often.  Even though I don’t have the typical symptoms I supposed that by exposing myself to gluten I could still be doing damage on the inside.  Damage that can lead to cancer.  So I try to be careful.  That’s all I can really do.

the block

One of the places we figured that would be good for being gluten free in St Louis is The Block because it’s one of those farm to table type of restaurants.  It’s healthier already without extra additives and just all around fresh food.  So it should have a lot of gluten free options, right?  Well it does… To a point.  Here’s what I learned about eating gluten free at The Block.  Hopefully it helps you!

the block menu

Keep in mind that The Block is not a gluten free restaurant.  Foods prepared in the kitchen can come in contact with gluten containing ingredients so be cautious about that fact especially if you are highly sensitive.  The Block does not offer a separate gluten free menu so just be prepared to analyze the options on the menu and then ask questions.  However, our server was ever so helpful with explaining how certain items were prepared and she even asked the chef if there was any question about a sauce containing gluten or not.

the block gluten free

I ordered the brisket sandwich without the bun and it was so good.  The meat was very tender, had just the right amount of seasoning, and was perfect paired with The Block steak sauce.  Even though I couldn’t enjoy the meal as a sandwich it was quite filling and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that The Block has a separate fryer for their french fries.  Win!  It’s hard to find a place that does this as the oil in the fryer can so easily be completely contaminated by items fried containing flour.  I’m so glad that I can get some really great tasting gluten free french fries at The Block.  I’ve missed eating fries!

Perhaps my favorite part of The Block is dessert.  They have these really marvelous tasting ice creams.  So yummy.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I knew going in that I wouldn’t be able to eat any sort of cake, etc. for dessert but I was really looking forward to that ice cream.  Typically most ice cream is gluten free.  Sadly it is not at The Block.  Our server checked with the chef to be certain and most definitely informed me that their ice creams are not gluten free.  So very sad.  They do have a strawberry sorbet that is gluten free but I wasn’t really in the sorbet mood so it was just no dessert for me.  Sigh.  I have to get used to this new life that I now must lead.

Over all I was impressed with the variety of food and options that are gluten free at The Block.  It’s a place that I can continue to eat at even though there’s not a gluten free menu.


  • Many gluten free options (or options that can be altered to be gluten free).
  • Helpful staff.
  • French fries are cooked in a separate fryer.
  • Delicious food.



  • Not a gluten free kitchen.
  • No gluten free menu.
  • Limited desserts.


The Block is definitely a restaurant that we will go to again and again.  It’s dandy in my book of having gluten free options!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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