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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Sides Made Easy

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It’s a busy time of year and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Are you ready for it? I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed with the upcoming holiday season. It has been a tough year and there’s just so much to do before next week. I’ve honestly not been feeling that holly jolly. Thanksgiving is the kick off to many family gatherings. While the family gathering part isn’t overwhelming (it’s nice to kick back and spend time together with loved ones), the planning for the gathering can be just a tad bit stressful. In what ways will I help to contribute to the dinner? That’s definitely what I’ve got on my mind when thinking about next week’s Turkey Day. Particularly which  gluten free Thanksgiving sides will I be taking to the family meal.Easy gluten free Thanksgiving sides from Noodles & Company.


It’s no secret that I’ve gluten free and have been for over two years now. (Coming up on three years in January!) Having celiac disease can sometimes put a damper on family gatherings. Especially when there’s food involved. I’m the only one in my family that is gluten free, so it’s difficult to just prepare a dish solely for me. It needs to be something that others will eat and enjoy. And let’s be honest. Sometimes gluten free dishes just don’t taste good. At least not to the non gluten free people. But this year I have the solution!

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Sides Made Easy

I love Noodles & Co. here in St. Louis. So flavorful and so many gluten free options. The meals also make perfect side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. No need to worry about side dishes this year!

Noodles & Co. gluten free Thanksgiving sides with chopsticks.


Noodles & Co. Gluten Free Thanksgiving Sides

It’s difficult to just prepare something solely for me, since I’m the only one in my family who is on a gluten free diet. This is where Noodles & Company catering comes in. The menu has a few naturally gluten free as well as tons of non gluten free options to choose from. Basically there’s something for everyone at the dining room table to enjoy. Plus, any dish on the menu can be made gluten free with rice noodles if there’s not other gluten containing ingredients in the dish. Just refer to the ingredient guide online to help with making those decisions.

Catered gluten free Thanksgiving sides from Noodles & Co.

Check out the menu and order HERE.


Dandy deal on gluten free Thanksgiving sides from Noodles & Company.

If you are local to the St. Louis area then I’ve got a deal for you to receive $10 off of any catering order of $50 or more at Noodles & Company To redeem the offer you’ll need to contact Nichole Curry (marketing and catering manager) directly via email HERE: and then just mention that you learned about holiday catering from my blog or social media posts.

Additional details: All catering orders must be placed 48 hours in advance and are available for pick up at one of the six St. Louis locations – including Hampton Village, Richmond Heights, South County Mall, Creve Coeur, Des Peres or Chesterfield – between now and Dec. 31.Delivery is available for orders over $100 but these do require a delivery fee. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. To view the catering menu, please visit:



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