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Gumball Earrings – A Simple Statement Piece

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I love how gumball earrings are such a simple pair of earrings but they still make quite the statement. They come in so many fun colors so you can find a pair to match virtually any outfit. Plus, they are super inexpensive. The perfect simple statement piece that every girl needs! Some of you might remember that I used to do a deal website. Anyway, I held onto a bunch of these sets of gumball earrings to give as gifts, kids party favors, etc. They are super cute, but I have about 50 sets left and who is ever really going to go to 50 different little girl’s parties?! Today my loss is definitely your gain, friends.

Gumball earrings are a perfect and simple statement piece for fashion.

We are cleaning house on this rainy Saturday here in the Lou. So much rain has been pushed our way from the impending Hurricane Florence. In the Midwest we obviously aren’t in the hurricane’s path. Probably will just get some rain and a little wind. Stay safe, everyone on the East Coast!

So the earrings… I just want them gone. I’m selling these gumball earrings in sets of four for $4 with free shipping. Each pair comes in individually wrapped plastic. I just took these out for the picture.

Free shipping on gumball earrings.

You can get these earring for a dandy deal HERE.

All 4 pairs (blue, green, pink, and black) for only $7.99. Plus there’s FREE SHIPPING!

There are also tons of other colors available HERE.

Such a cute gift idea. The kid parties that I gave them at we put them on earring trees. Definitely a dandy way to give some earrings!

And who knows? If this goes well then perhaps I’ll make this an every now and again type of thing. You tell me? Should I bring back the Dandy Deals???


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80's fashion gumball earrings.




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