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Make A Hair Bow Holder With An Old Picture Frame

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Having a daughter usually means getting to fix her hair and trying out all the cute styles, but that’s not the case in my life. At least not right now anyway. Okay it hasn’t been for the last 7 years. Our girl does not like us to do anything with her hair. Even brushing it out is a major task that involves lots of yelps. Occasionally I can get a hair bow or headband on her head, but mostly she’s sporting the look of long beach waves down her back. What can I say? The girl has good hair. Even though she’s not a fan of having her hair fixed, we still have tons of hair bows around here. It’s nice to keep them all in one place and I’ve found that it’s really easy to turn an old picture frame into a hair bow holder!

Easy to make DIY hair bow holder using an old picture frame.

A while ago I made these cute bow holders with a friend and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and make your very own.

Make A Hair Bow Holder With An Old Picture Frame

What you’ll need:

Picture frame and decorative ribbon to create a hair bow holder.


Creating A Framed Hair Bow

What you’ll do:

Place frame face down on table. Measure, cut ribbon and lay out across back of frame. I used clear tape to hold ribbons in place until I used the hot glue. That way I could get a good idea of spacing and how the placement would look before making it permanent.

Ribbon and tape on hair bow holder.


I then hot glued each end of the ribbon to the frame. (You could use another type of glue or even a staple gun to secure ribbons if you prefer.)

Creating a hair bow holder.


DIY hair bow holder.


Easy to create hair bow holder frame!



Easy craft and organizing hair bow holder.

Seriously so easy to create and finished in just a matter of minutes. These would also make great DIY gifts for friend birthday parties and more!

Happy Crafting!

Old picture frame hair bow holder tutorial.

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Luz Stockton

Friday 2nd of April 2021

Omigossshhhhhh is this some kinda showdown???

deathly hallows

Monday 29th of March 2021

Is it a true story?

Florence Keer

Monday 29th of March 2021

Can't wait to read this! On my TBR with the rest of my billions!

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