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See Hairspray Musical On Tour At The Fabulous Fox

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The Hairspray musical is on tour and has arrived in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox! It’s a must see and you definitely do not want to miss it while it’s in town. I attended opening night (press night) with not my normal date, but it was still a memorable time.

hairspray musical on tour st. louis fabulous fox theatre

See Hairspray Musical On Tour At The Fabulous Fox

My husband is usually my date for the musical shows, but this time around he had a meeting. So I took our oldest son and it was the perfect activity for he and I to do together.

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Is Hairspray Kid Friendly?

We had a blast and laughed hysterically all throughout this entertaining musical. Such great bonding time! But is Hairspray kid friendly? Keep in mind that my oldest is almost 14 so it was totally acceptable for him. I purposefully did not take my 10-year-old daughter to this particular show. Would much of the adult humor have gone over her head? Yes. However, I didn’t see many younger kids at the show at all.

I didn’t catch any swearing in the show so that was refreshing. Overall it was a rather clean musical in terms of adult content. Just a few moments of grabbing body parts and dialogue. It’s one that I think I would take my daughter to when she’s around 12, because I know she would really love the music and dancing.

Whether you take your kids to the show or not, the message is one that we most definitely need to talk with our kids about. Segregation is a horrible part of our history. Talk to your kids about the past, how wrong it was and how we should treat others. We must teach our children to be kind to everyone and to love.

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Hairspray Musical

The Hairspray musical follows the popular movie rather closely. And I love that movie so much. It always brings back so many memories of my youth and this fun broadway musical did the same. I found myself tapping my toes and singing right along to the music. Singing to myself, of course. Silently. You do not want to hear me sing. Ha! But can I ever sing so powerfully to myself.

Hairspray on tour is a broadway musical that you absolutely have to experience. It’s a feel good story, with loads of talent, beautiful sets and costumery, and just such a great time!

Hairspray On Tour Cast

image source: Jeremy Daniel, Hairspray On Tour

Tracy Turnblad: Niki Metcalf

Corny Collins: Billy Dawson

Amber Von Tussle: Kaelee Albritton

Brad: Kaleb Jenkins

Tammy: Kelly Barberito

Fender: Tanner Callicutt

Brenda: Faith Northcutt

Sketch: Gabriel Kearns

Shelley: Helene Britany

I.Q.: Adam Blake Raque

Lou Ann: Ryahn Evers

Link Larkin: Will Savarese

Prudy Pingleton: Emmanuelle Zeesman

Edna Turnblad: Andrew Levitt

Penny Pingleton: Emery Henderson

Velma Von Tussle: Addison Garner

Harriman F. Spritzer: Greg Kalafatas

Wilbur Turnblad: Christopher Swan

Principal: Greg Kalafatas

Seaweed J. Stubbs: Brandon G. Stalling

Duane: Jamonte Bruten

Gilbert: Micheal Corey Hassel

Lorraine: Gabriyel Thomas

Thad: Brendan Morris

The Dynamites: Shante Clarke, Renee Reid, Nichelle Lewis

Mr. Pinky: Greg Kalafatas

Gym Teacher: Emmanuelle Zeesman

Little Inez: Kalea Leverette

Motormouth Maybelle: Sandie Lee

Matron: Emmanuelle Zeesman

Guard: Greg Kalafatas

Pearl: Renee Reid

Peaches: Shante Clarke

Cindy Watkins: Nichelle Lewis

Hairspray On Tour Musical Numbers

image source: Jeremy Daniel, Hairspray On Tour

Here are just a few of the fun musical numbers you will hear from Hairspray On Tour:

“Good Morning Baltimore”

“Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now”

“I Can Hear the Bells”

“Welcome to the ’60s”

“The Big Dollhouse”

“Run and Tell That”

“Big, Blonde and Beautiful”

“Without Love”

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

This is a show that I can see over and over again!

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