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Easy To Make Halloween Mickey Kids Stitch Craft

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I know you have probably forgotten what is coming up soon.  We get busy.  It happens.  The Halloween school parties will be here before you know it!  It’s coming and soon.  Are you ready for it?  Not to worry. Here’s a Halloween activity project that is perfect for the school parties! Kids love all things Disney so you cannot go wrong with this Halloween Mickey kids stitch craft. It’s super easy to make and will end up being a dandy Halloween decoration for years to come. Plus, it’s extra easy on the budget. Definitely a win-win.

Halloween Mickey Kids Stitch Craft
What You’re Going to Need:
– 5.5 x 8.5 Inch Foam Sheets (black & white)
Embroidery Floss (green, orange, yellow & black)
– Punch Tool (You can use a bead reamer, a nail, wooden skewer or anything sharp and pointed)
– Scissors
– Tape
– Template (provided)
– Foam Board or Empty Box (as a base when punching holes)
halloween craft supplies
halloween craft for school
What You’ll Need To Do:

Assembly – Place your 5×8 foam sheet on top of your foam board or empty box.

mickey craft

– Place your template on top of your 5×8 foam sheet.
– Using your bead reamer, wooden skewer or nail, punch several small holes along the outside edge and highlights of your template. Be sure to punch hard enough to make it all the way through your 5×8 foam sheet.
mickey crafty
– Cut a manageable length of colored embroidery floss for your child to work with.
– Use tape to bind one end of the floss as shown. This will make it easy for your child to thread the plastic needle.
– Have your child tie a knot on the other end of the floss securing the needle to the floss as shown.
– Start your craft by threading the needle from the back of the 5×8 foam sheet. The tape will act as a stopper on the back of the sheet.
– Change thread color out for your child as needed.
mickey crafting
– Repeat the process for the second Halloween template and foam sheet.
mickey stitch craft

See what I mean?  Easy enough!

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween Mickey kids stitch craft. Be sure to check out my other DIY projects HERE.

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Happy Halloween Crafting!

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