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Easy To Make Halloween Mickey Kids Stitch Craft

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Grab the candy corn, treat bags and your Halloween spirit, because the spooky season and school parties are almost upon us! Like for all school holiday parties, crafts are the way to go for the fall celebrations. Kids love crafts and easy sewing projects. Crafts are always a great way to fill some time during the party and the best part is it makes kids feel accomplished. You don’t even need craft kits to fulfill the activity. Before the day of the party simply gather the materials needed for the kids stitch craft, make copies of these free printable Halloween Mickey pattern sheets and have kids follow instructions to create the fun project! Plus, it’s extra easy on the budget so definitely a win-win.

halloween mickey kids stitch craft

Easy To Make Halloween Mickey Kids Stitch Craft

It’s really okay if you’ve forgotten that the school Halloween party is coming up soon. We get busy. It happens. I for one know that I’ve been running here, there and everywhere. The first couple of months of school have indeed flown by. The school Halloween parties will be here before you know it! Are you ready? Not to worry. I’m here to help you with this practical skill craft idea that’s actually easy and perfect for kids to do.

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There are so many kids crafts out there that are perfect for a Halloween party. This particular kids stitch craft helps to promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It doesn’t require a sewing machine and it’s perfect for children of all ages. While it’s similar to cross stitching, this particular craft is much easier for tiny fingers to navigate. Super easy to make and will end up being a favorite Halloween decoration for years to come. Plus, the design is one of the most favorite Disney characters!

Why are Disney crafts so popular for Halloween?

Disney crafts at Halloween time are quite popular and it most definitely has to do with the fondness for the various Disney characters. Another reason is because the craft creations are reminiscent of all the decorations at Disney World’s most magical celebration, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The special event nights at the Magic Kingdom are both memorable and fun for the whole family.

When does Disney decorate and begin celebrating for Halloween?

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Disney’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular are always a popular time to visit Walt Disney World as well as the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland. The Disney Parks are usually transformed for the Halloween season starting in mid August and the select event nights go until Halloween night. Main Street is decked out with fall colors and pumpkins.

On select nights the theme parks are also filled with special effects like dancing skeletons, art projection effects and the Boo-To-You Halloween Parade. Even the Haunted Mansion dons Nightmare Before Christmas artist elements and Space Mountain is transformed with a spooky theme. There’s even a Mad Tea Party and Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular that park guests can experience. I was hooked instantly from the first time I ever attended Disney during the fall. It’s undoubtably my favorite time of year to visit the theme parks.

Can’t make it to one of the parks this year? The good news is you can still create Disney themed crafts!

Disney Inspired Halloween Craft Idea

Kids love Disney’s Mickey Mouse so you cannot go wrong with this craft for the Halloween season.

What you’re going to need for this kids stitch craft:

– 5.5 x 8.5 Inch Foam Sheets (black & white)
Embroidery Floss (green, orange, yellow & black)
Plastic Canvas Needles (or embroidery needle)
– Punch Tool (You can use a bead reamer, a nail, wooden skewer or anything sharp and pointed)
– Scissors
– Tape
– Template (provided)
– Foam Board or Empty Box (as a base when punching holes)
kids stitch craft supplies
halloween stitch craft patterns
What You’ll Need To Do to create this kids stitch craft:
Step 1:  Print out the Mickey Halloween Stitch Template

Step 2:  Place a piece of 5×8 foam sheet on top of some foam board or an empty box.

ghost mickey printable pattern

Step 3:  Place the printed template on top of the 5×8 foam sheet.
Step 4:  Using a bead reamer, wooden skewer or nail, punch several small holes along the outside edge and highlights of the template. Be sure to punch hard enough to make it all the way through the 5×8 foam sheet.
ghost halloween mickey stitch craft

Step 5:  Cut a manageable length of colored embroidery floss for children to work with.

Step 6:  Use tape to bind one end of the floss as shown. This will make it easy for the kids to thread the plastic needle.

Step 7:  Have children tie a knot on the other end of the floss securing the needle to the floss as shown.

Step 8:  Start the craft by threading the needle from the back of the 5×8 foam sheet. The tape will act as a stopper on the back of the sheet.

Step 9:  Do a running stitch up and down in all the holes, all the way around.

Step 10:  Change thread color out for children as needed.

ghost mickey embroidery

 Such a cute Disney Mickey Mouse pumpkin craft!

Step 11:  Repeat the process for the second Halloween template and foam sheet.
halloween mickey pumpkin embroidery

So easy to create and kids will love learning the simple needle craft skills of this Halloween Mickey!

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Have a very Happy Halloween!

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halloween mickey kids stitch craft

Happy Halloween Crafting!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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