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Halloween Seek And Find Printable For Kids

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Happy almost Halloween and Trick-or-Treat to all! I’ve got a Halloween seek and find printable that’s perfect for the big day. My kid’s love holiday themed games and such so this type of Halloween printable is definitely a hit around here. It’s also something that we can give out with our candy. After all, tonight is the night for all the little ghouls and goblins. They will be dropping by for treats so be sure to get those candy bowls ready. Are your other preparations complete? Ours are. See just a few of our Halloween decorations below!

Halloween decorations and Halloween seek and find activity sheet.

Halloween Seek And Find Printable For Kids

Kids just love Halloween. Adults love it, too. There’s just something magical about the night while walking around collecting buckets of candy. We’ve been getting ready for it around here. How about you?


Halloween decorations? Check.

Notice above that I painted the front door half way through October? If you followed me on Instagram then you would have known that already. *wink*  Wow. That was an ordeal. Painting is not my favorite thing. Pretty sure I won’t be doing that again. At least not any time soon!

Pumpkin carving done? Check.

And to all a spooky night! 🎃#halloween #pumpkins #spooky

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This was the first year that our oldest carved his pumpkin completely on his own. It’s the one in the middle and I’m still quite impressed. I think he did good considering that he’s only 8! Very creative that boy is. You can get some dandy pumpkin carving kits for your own kids to enjoy HERE.

Halloween seek and find made? Check.



Perfect For The School Halloween Party

I’m excited for my kids to find all the bats. They love doing things like this. Plus it doubles as a Halloween coloring sheet. Perfect for the school Halloween party!

Free printable Halloween seek and find for school Halloween party.




Get the PDF HERE for your very own Halloween printable.

Costumes ready to go? Check.



You thought I was going to reveal that? Right now? Naw. You’ll have to catch it later tonight on Instagram. *wink*  If you aren’t already then be sure to follow me HERE.

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Halloween seek and find with bats and spiders.

Are you ready for the school Halloween party? What do you still have left to do?

Like this Halloween seek and find printable? Need some quick and simple Halloween desserts? Look no further than right  HERE.

A Happy Halloween to all and to all a good day!


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