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13 Halloween Things: Halloween Word Search

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Kids love the school holiday parties and they especially love all the fun holiday games, crafts, etc. that are found at the party. It’s a welcome break from the same old, same old educational learning. We all need a brain break every now and again! A Halloween word search is in fact always a hit. It’s easy to do, takes up time, and the kids enjoy it. The parent party planners are also fans of this type of activity mostly because of the taking up time at the party component! It’s an activity that gets the kids (who are wired as all get out from the Halloween treats) to just sit down at their desks. Definitely a win-win for the party. The following word search consists of 13 Halloween things. Simply print it off and have it on hand at your next school Halloween party!

Start the party with some fun Halloween games, add in a Halloween craft or two, eat some Halloween treats (great recipes for that HERE), and then wrap it all together with a Halloween word search. Sounds likes a witches brew! The word search activity will help the kids to calm down at the end of the party before you release them to home. Moms and dads will love you for that!


13 Halloween Things: Halloween Word Search

This word search is easy to do and will add to your already fantastic school Halloween party.

And it’s lucky number 13! *wink*


Get the PDF and print it off right HERE or click the image above.

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Good luck with all the Halloween things and planning the party. I know that it will be a huge success and the kids will love it. And if someone hasn’t told you this lately… Thanks for being involved in the lives of kids and planning/helping out at the school parties. You make a difference. I know that you do. So thank you.

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