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Happy Leap Day Birthday To Those Who Are Celebrating

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Do you celebrate a Leap Day birthday? It has always been this strange phenomenon to me. Sure I understand the concept that every four years there’s this extra day due to the rotation of the Earth and all that, but I’ve always been curious about how the birthdays work. Do people celebrate on February 28th or March 1st during the non leap years? Can they switch it up from year to year? Or do they just pick a day? I mean a date once a year is still a date once a year.

Leap Day birthday February 29th

Happy Leap Day Birthday To Those Who Are Celebrating


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Family History

I honestly don’t know anyone who was born on February 29th. Of my over 1,300 friends on Facebook, not a one was born on the 29th of February. I just checked to make sure. However, I do have a connection to the day. My great-great-grandfather, George Hiscox, was born on leap day back in 1868. It’s kind of cool to think about today as being his 38th birthday.


George Hiscox


leap year birthday george hiscox 1868 family search



While I do have a bit of Irish heritage, I’m mostly British due to the above leap year baby. George Hiscox immigrated to the United States from Stoke, England back in the late 1890s under some interesting circumstances. Something about him being involved in an accident with a child on his bicycle. The child died and George’s disgraced family sent him to America. He never went back home to visit and we never knew much about his family. Until… came to be! His ancestors found us and linked the family tree. I’m so glad that this 3rd cousin found me. Definitely destiny! is totally free for anyone to use so you should definitely check it out. 


Leap Year Birthday


Own own family leap year baby, George, made another life for himself when his future wife (from his home town) joined him here in St. Louis. They had one son, my great-grandfather. So few with our family name exist in the area and the reason is there were only a few sons from that name down the line. I’m related to everyone of them in the St. Louis phone book!


George was an electrical engineer and worked many years at the Forest Park Highlands.The amusement park was destroyed by fire in 1963, but you can still find the historic carousel preserved at the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park. Whenever I’m at the carousel I can’t help thinking that my great-great-grandfather worked on it. Happy Leap Day Birthday, George!


Isn’t family history and genealogy grand?


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