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Have You Met Ted… And Ross… And Jane?

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Well have you?  Have you met Ted?


Of course you have.  We’ve all met Ted.  We got to know Ted and his friends.  We laughed at each of Barney’s catch phrases.  Particularly his ever popular, “Have you met Ted?”  Such a great show.  For 9 years we laughed, we cried, we were frustrated with the mystery of How I Met Your Mother and so much more!

My husband and I would have these intellectual discussions about the show.  Who the mother would turn out to be… If the kids were really Ted’s kids or was he their uncle… How it compared to another great show… Friends.


Did anyone else notice the similarities between the two shows?  In many ways it was almost a mirror image.  Almost.  I mean seriously.  Think about it.  Both shows were set in New York City.  Apartment dwellers with friends as roommates.  Then this is when it gets scary.  Coffee house in Friends and a bar in How I Met Your Mother where they conveniently hang out all the time.  The there’s…

Ross and Ted:


Monica and Lily:


Chandler and Marshall:


Joey and Barney:


Rachel and Robyn:


Phoebe and…


Wait. A. Minute.  How could they NOT have a Phoebe in How I Met Your Mother?!  How and WHY???  Hold on.  I have to do some thinking.

Okay.  Never mind.


Whew.  All is right in the world.  We have come full circle.

Both shows were awesome and I miss both shows.  But…

Which show was YOUR most favorite? 

Now this brings us to the part in this posting where I make sense of the who Have you met Ted… Ross… Jane?  So let’s play…

Have you met Jane???

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