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Have Your St. Louis Cakes And Eat Them Too

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A little while back we had cakes all over our city.  St. Louis cakes.  St. Louis cakes that were birthday cakes in fact.  These cakes were everywhere.  It reminded me quite a bit of the San Antonio Cow Parade.  Only with cakes and not cows.  *wink*

The St. Louis cake were all around the city, strategically placed at various landmarks.  There was even a list of cakes to visit.  It was great fun going around and “finding” the different cakes their varying  Sure the locations were spelled out quite clearly on the list but it was still an adventure in hunting out cakes.  A scavenger hunt of sorts that many a St. Louisan took part in.  Social media was lit up with the hashtag #cakewaytothewest.


Our city turned 250 years young and so all the St. Louis cakes were like a dandy birthday gift to us!  It was a celebration fit for King Louis XV and celebrate we did.

I had high hopes for hitting all the locations… Taking the kids on a grand adventure last summer where we would make all the stops and snap a picture in front of all the cakes.  When the first of the cakes started appearing I had just had a baby.  The hunt for the St. Louis cakes was not happening then.  I figured that the summer would be the perfect time to find some cake and grab some pictures.  My dream was to make a photo book containing 250 of those St. Louis cakes.  Those dreams were shattered when we got busy.  We went on vacation.  Kids caught summer colds.  The baby first had his hemangioma issues and then torticollis.  To many a doctor and physical therapy appointment we did go!  Then fall and winter came and more colds ensued.  We did make it to a few locations.


But nowhere even near that magical 250 number.

Before I knew it the year 2014 had ended.  Our city was no longer celebrating.  We were turning 251.  All of the cakes were actioned off to the highest bidder.  My precious St. Louis cakes were moved from the published locations and given new life in the backyards of some very rich people.  I’m sure that some of the cakes are hanging out at some businesses around the city but where?  In my mind they are now all permanent fixtures in the backyards of homes in Ladue.  Where all the well-to-do people in this city live.  The Ladue children are playing on the cakes and having a dandy celebration for years to come.  I hope they are taking lots of pictures.



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