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History Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Where To Find Them

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Ugly Christmas sweaters certainly aren’t new. They’ve been around for what seems like forever. Always a popular fashion trend to wear for holiday parties. Keep reading, for a brief history of this nostalgic fashion statement and where to find them. It may even convince you to go out and buy one (or two) yourself!

All about the history of ugly Christmas sweaters and where to find them.

History Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Where To Find Them

These beautiful sweaters have actually been around for a long time!


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Early History

Patterned wool sweaters have been available in the United States since the late 19th century. However, ugly Christmas sweaters didn’t really gain notoriety until the 80s.

It was during this time that popularity reached its peak, thanks to actors like Chevy Chase (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) and Bill Cosby (The Cosby Show) who wore them as a nutty fashion statement.

The first ugly Christmas sweaters were manufactured under the moniker “Jingle Bell Sweaters.” Designs have really blossomed and expanded since then.

Jingle bell ugly Christmas sweaters in red and green. With Christmas trees and presents.




Jingle Bell Sweaters Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

The first “official” ugly Christmas sweater party is said to have taken place in Vancouver, Canada the Christmas of 2002.

These parties still take place today, at the Commodore Ballroom raising money for good causes to include the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Those in attendance are treated to free cookies and candy canes.

In addition, tons of private ugly Christmas sweater parties take place every year. There’s sweater-themed food and fun for everyone!

Ugly Christmas sweaters with gaudy Christmas tree.

The Sweaters Weren’t Cheap

When these sweaters first became all the rage, they certainly weren’t cheap. Sources indicate that holiday-lovers were spending as much as $600 or more in a single sweater sold in upscale department stores.

Although some of them are still a bit pricey, if you’re lucky and love to bargain shop you can usually find really cool ugly Christmas sweaters at places like thrift stores and flea markets. When you’re patient, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be festively gaudy!

If you are wondering where to find them, look no further than HERE. So many to choose from!

Not Just Sweaters Anymore

Today, it’s not just sweaters anymore. Ugly Christmas sweater lovers are privy to things like pajamas, lap throws, leggings, tote bags, key chains and much more. 

Christmas lights leggings to match ugly Christmas sweaters. Christmas keychains to be gifted with ugly Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Christmas sweaters pajamas for the entire family.

This is just a brief overview of how ugly Christmas sweaters came to be. Probably more popular than ever, it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon.

Whether you purchase one commercially or take the time to decorate your own, there’s no better time to get in on the holiday fun. The nostalgic fashion world will love you for it!

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