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Top 5 Hocus Pocus Shirts For Halloween

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It’s September which means we are just a month away from the month of Halloween! I’m a big fan of October and all things fall. It’s just such a wonderful time of the year. Sure I like November and December, too. But there’s just something about October. The crispness in the air and all the hocus pocus everywhere. Speaking of hocus pocus… It’s the perfect time to get ready for Halloween fashion with some dandy Hocus Pocus Shirts. Seriously the perfect attire for the entire month of Halloween. Below you will find just a few of my favorites, witches!


Are you a fan of the Hocus Pocus? I love that movie. Such a good one. Soooo many fun quotes. I cannot wait to introduce it to my kiddos this year. It’s time. Not really sure why I waited so long!


Top 5 Hocus Pocus Shirts For Halloween

There are so many Halloween fashions out there in terms of the cute shirts, but here are just a few of my favorite finds. You’ll have to let me know what else you find out there!


I Put A Spell On You




Sanderson Sisters


Squad Goals





Another Glorious Morning


Let’s Fly, Witches

So many adorable Hocus Pocus shirts to choose from! Now to just decide witch one (pun so intended) to get for your Halloween wardrobe. Or you can just get all of them. No need to decide! I’m always about the simple decisions and that makes it extra simple. And if you don’t already own the movie then you can get that HERE or even stream it HERE. It’s a definite must have for your collection.

If you are all about Halloween like I am then you better check out the Halloween DIY projects right HERE on the blog.

Happy Pre Halloween!




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