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Get Your Home Organized By Tidying Up

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The new year is the perfect time to get your home organized. Over the long weekend we tackled something at our house that was a long time coming. We did some major tidying up that sparked a lot of joy!

Easy to do home organizing and tidying up to declutter your living space.

Get Your Home Organized By Tidying Up


Our kitchen was the area in need of some major help. The whole organizing overhaul of the kitchen was actually my husband’s idea. He had been hearing a lot about that new Netflix show with Marie Kondo. Keep in mind that we didn’t do her exact method (since we haven’t seen the show yet), but we were able to figure out the gist of what needed to be done. Originally we were supposed to go away for the weekend, but then the weather reports had been coming in telling us otherwise. More snow was on the way and we didn’t want to get stuck, unable to get back home after the holiday. So we stayed around the house and got to work on getting the kitchen all organized up.

Tidying Up The Kitchen


It was a massive undertaking, let me tell you. So much stuff and so many piles of papers. Lots of clutter. We just took EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and then got rid of what we no longer needed. It took a couple of days, but we accomplished our goal!





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I’m so glad that it’s over, but I’m so happy with the results!

Our ultimate goal is to get the entire house in order, but that will take some time. Rome was not built in a day. The plan is to take a new room or area of the house every now and again. That’s the easiest and less anxiety provoking way. I cannot take on too much at once, that’s for sure!

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Good luck with all your own home organizing and decluttering! You can definitely spark joy, too.

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