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Easy To Make Hot Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

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School parties are always a lot of fun. Until you hit about 4th grade. The kids that age aren’t really as interested in making crafts or playing party games at that point. I’m not really sure what they want to do but they are just “too cool” for the little kid kind of school party. Plus, there never seems to be enough parent helpers for the upper grades. Parents are all excited to be helping in the kindergarten party but once they’ve been doing it for a few years then they must be burned out. Because hardly anyone signed up in my son’s class this year. My friend and I took on the Halloween party but when it came time for the Christmas party we decided to go simple. Popcorn and a movie. And the kids loved it. We had some fun toppings for the kids to put on the popcorn and at the party I decided to call it Hot Chocolate Popcorn by using the little marshmallows and chocolate chips. Such a fun and easy snack!


Easy To Make Hot Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Seriously so easy to make and the kids loved it!

What you’ll need:


What to do:

Just scoop some popcorn into some popcorn bags. Then just toss some mini marshmallows and chocolate chips on top.

The easiest school party treat you’ll ever make!

Kids love it and it’s also fun for a movie night.

Kind of like a popcorn trail mix!

Have you ever made hot chocolate popcorn before?

What’s your go to school party treat?

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