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How To Beat The Heat With Pete’s Dragon

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You guys. It’s hot outside. Like really, really hot. We gotta beat the heat these last few days before school starts, right? There’s not much time left! Perhaps your kids have already started back to school. My oldest doesn’t go back until Thursday. The middle child doesn’t start back until the end of this month. I would imagine that you too want to get outside this fine weekend but the weather is keeping you indoors. Not to worry because you can leave the house and do something that’s indoors. You can go to the movies and see Pete’s Dragon because it opened this week.


It’s looks so dandy.

And then after you’ve seen the movie you can come back home and make these dragon cupcakes with the help of Bryce Howard.

Make the finals day of summer memorable. The kids only get so many non school days as it is. So beat the heat and have some fun before school is back in session!

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PETE’S DRAGON flew into theaters everywhere on August 12th!


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