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How To Build Pinewood Derby Cars As A Family

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It’s the time of the year when Cub Scouts everywhere go kinda crazy. I should know all about this craze because this year I’m getting hit with it from all sides. It has seriously been all about how to build Pinewood Derby Cub Scouts this and how to build Pinewood Derby cars that. The oldest child at our house is now a Cub Scout and this is his first ever Pinewood Derby. Plus, I was recently called to be a Cub Scout leader. I’m with the Bears so I have my own young Wolf participating in the Derby plus the boys in my den. These boys are all super competitive let me tell you. And the hits just keep on coming because the littlest at our house just had to make their own cars, too. So at the Smith residence we’ve turned this whole Pinewood Derby thing into a family affair!

Didn’t that Red Skeleton car turn out just really dandy??? 
I have a feeling that this is going to be a family tradition from now on because each of the kids loved making their very own car with their dad. The cars above are from last night’s derby. Our troop of boys all did so great. Aren’t their cars fantastic? The Pinewood Derby is such a great event for the boys to have fun together. Our scouts weren’t as competitive as I had expected them to be. They cheered each other on. Such a special thing to witness. I’m so proud of those boys! 
 How to Build Pinewood Derby Cars as a Family
What you’ll need:
  • Paint to transform the wooden car into a fun color.
  • Stickers to create a quick and easy design.


Basically you are just going to make the Pinewood Derby cars like you normally would. Just with extras for the younger siblings!

 Sure the little ones aren’t going to get to race their cars in the actual race, but if there’s time they will have fun on the track during the test runs or at the end of the derby. Regardless they will feel involved and have an even greater appreciation of what the older sibling is doing.

I love that they were able to experience this together and bond with their dad. It’s a memory that we will all cherish forever.


Stay tuned to find out how our Pinewood Derby newbie did. *wink*

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