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How To Hide A Facial Scar

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I know that from this blog posting title you are totally expecting to find out exactly how to hide a facial scar.  Well I’m sorry to be a tease but that’s not exactly what this posting is about.  What I’m going to tell you is that if YOU get skin cancer on your face then YOU aren’t going to be able to wear makeup for quite some time after getting the skin cancer removed.  Yep.  You are going to be fresh faced day in and day out.  You are going to be wearing an ointment on the evolving scar that make it shiny and more pronounced.  You are going to get stares from people.  You are going to have people wondering just what is up with your face.  No makeup and no way to hide a facial scar.

I see the ocular plastic surgeon again on November 6th.  Maybe he will tell me that I can start wearing makeup again.  Maybe he won’t.  Whatever he says I will listen to him.  He knows more than I.  By wearing makeup too soon you are opening your wound up to infection.  By wearing makeup too soon you could stretch the healing area while cleaning and removing said makeup.  By wearing makeup you could make the scar worse.  So you avoid it and you just look like this every day.

day 16 thru 24

I don’t even wear mascara or eye makeup for fear of pulling my lower eyelid in the removal process.  You’ve seen the other skin cancer selfies of me.  Days and days of ’em.  Here I am now at Day 24.  WOW.  Day 24.  Time sure does fly.  The scar?  It’s not fading as much as it was before.  It’s definitely around to stay.

These days I find myself happy to see a sunny day.  Because then I sport my “I Know How To Hide A Facial Scar” look.


See?  You never would have known what’s hiding under there.

Imagine that.  I look forward to sunny days.  The days (along with the tanning bed) that got me into trouble in the first place.

Protect your skin. Wear sunscreen. Do not tan. Get annual skin checks.

Stay tuned for the real “How To Hide A Facial Scar” posting.  It will happen eventually.  When I can wear makeup again.

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