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How To Make A Winter Car Tool Kit

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If you asked my dad what goes in a winter car tool kit he’d tell you the typical dad answer: Tools and some emergency types of things; shovel, scraper, battery jumper cables, tire chains (if you happen to live where you get a ton of snow), emergency flares, etc. Sure those are important to have in your car during the winter months, but I think there are other items that you should also be in your car in the winter. Winter necessity kinds of things!


For me it’s hard to keep track of my winter gear. I get home and I throw my scarf here. Then I throw my hat there. Gloves might end up in a coat pocket. Basically nothing stays together. And lip balm? Those things are always going missing! The solution? Keeping it all together in a bag in the car. This way you have the items right where you need them.

Here are my suggestions for…

How To Make A Winter Car Tool Kit

  • First find all the essentials you want to put in your car bag. These items should be extras because they will be remaining in the car. This way you don’t lose anything and it’s there for you when you need it. In an emergency!


  • For my bag I’m partial to having a scarf, hat, gloves, and lip balm. These are essential for surviving a winter here in St. Louis. Other great items to keep in your winter car tool kit are a first aid kit and TYLENOL® pain reliever. Don’t be caught out in the elements in the event of an emergency without having a way to treat medical issues, etc.
  • Put everything in a bag that’s big enough to hold it all.


  • Keep it in your car where it’s easily accessible. The trunk is fine if you think the weather is somewhat mild. But if you are on a long car trip and there’s tons of snow? Then keep your tool kit bag near your seat so you can actually get to the items to keep you warm without going out into the snow!


There you have it. A super easy way to be prepared with a winter car tool kit.

Remember how I put Extra Strength TYLENOL® in my tool kit? That’s because at our house we trust TYLENOL® for headaches, fevers, arthritis, and muscle pain. It’s powerful and goes to work fast to provide relief when you need it most. So of course I want it in an my car bag for emergencies. You can find a wide variety of TYLENOL® products at your local Target so be sure to check out the pharmacy aisle on your next shopping trip.



What other items would you include in your own winter car tool kit?


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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