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How To Make An Easy DIY Teepee

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I’m so excited to share this post with you on how to make an easy DIY teepee! (Also called a tipi.)  Each year for Christmas I try to make my boys at least one gift each. This year that gift turned into more a compilation of gifts to complete a whole one. I really wanted to make them something they could pretend/ use their imaginations with. I’ve seen the cutest ideas online and in stores for one of these cuties and decided to save a buck and not care if it got destroyed or not I would try to make one my on my own. My mom made one when I was about 5, so I thought why not. I wanted to make them a teepee!

How To Make An Easy DIY Teepee

I don’t have any process pictures. I’m so sorry! It really was so easy. Here’s what My Man J and I used:

I don’t have any power tools, or a saw for that matter ( I should probably get one of those, ya know in case I need to cut down a tree, or make a teepee!)  I had to ask a worker at Lowe’s to cut them down for me. It was an interesting experience telling him that I was going to make a teepee for little boys. He thought it was the coolest thing! He said “I’ve never heard of a Christmas teepee before” haha!

We laid our pieces down and tied them together like you would a teepee. Don’t know how? Yeah, neither did we.  To learn how (like us!) go to your search engine and type the words “teepee” or “tipi” with the word  “lashing.” We found a video to show us how (we’re visual learners).


Once we had the teepee where we wanted (all of the legs were spaced out) we got the canvas ready. We folded it in half to find the center/ middle of the long side (12ft side) and place it on the center back post. We stapled it at the bottom. Then we pulled the fabric tight to staple it at the bottom of the next posts. Then we gathered it at the top and tied it all together. We stapled a few more places to make it seem more taunt but we we’re particular about it.


A few weeks after Christmas we realized the boys weren’t playing with it so we wrapped the whole thing up in itself and stored it away. Two days ago, however, when I was rearranging, I do this a lot!, I thought maybe it would be fun to put it up in Munchkin’s room. It was  pretty big hit. He closes the flaps and reads and claims to take naps.


They read, play, cook, pretend, and laugh in it. It was sure worth it to make it just for those reasons alone. It doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s the best part, so long as it stands they’ll love it!


And there you have the instructions for how to make an easy DIY teepee! Stay tuned for more DIY projects right HERE on Seeing Dandy!

Not interested in making your own teepee? There are plenty of dandy ones for sale HERE.

Do you have any childhood memories about pretend play time at your house growing up?


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