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How To Throw A Disney Preschool Party

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Who doesn’t love a good party?  Recently I was given the opportunity to host a Disney preschool party and let me just say that it turned out quite dandy.  How can anything not turn out well when Disney is involved?  For starters this opportunity was perfect timing for us since we just returned from Disney World on February 28th.  That trip.  It was such a magical time and we have been Disney dreaming ever since.  Our home was filled with excitement when this box of goodies arrived:

disney box

All part of the #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate and all provided to us by Disney of course!

I figured what better way to show you our party than to share with you how to throw the perfect Disney preschool party.  And that’s just what I’m going to do.  The dandy way.

How To Throw A Disney Preschool Party

First you gotta get a group of preschoolers together.  We held the party last weekend and invited a few of our little preschool aged friends and their families.  Even the older kids got in on the fun!


Then we organized our box of goodies, planned out the party activities and food, and got all ready to have a great time.

disney goodies

The day of our Disney preschool party we decorated.


And the decorations made the perfect backdrop for our photo booth!

photo booth

Our box of goodies contained these awesome photo strips, but unfortunately my printer doesn’t do “air print” so last minute we had to scratch that part of the photo booth.  These work with the Pocketbooth app to take pictures right on your smartphone and then send to your printer!

photo strips

How dandy are those, though?  Perfect for a really fun photo booth!

We prepared Disney themed food.pizzas


And we partied!

disney food

disney party

The kids loved the personal Mickey pizzas.

mickey pizza


And that is how you throw a very dandy Disney preschool party!

Thanks, Disney for sending the magic of Disney World to St. Louis.  We had a very dandy time.

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