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Easy To Make Hydrangeas Cork Stamp Craft For Kids

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Springtime is the perfect time for kids to create floral themed arts and crafts. Hydrangeas definitely scream spring, making this hydrangeas cork stamp craft one for kids to do!

hydrangeas cork stamp craft

Easy To Make Hydrangeas Cork Stamp Craft For Kids

I sure do love me some hydrangeas. So much so that the periwinkle color were my wedding flowers with yellow roses. Such a happy bunch of flowers. These craft for kids definitely reminds me of those wedding flowers.

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Hydrangeas Cork Stamp Craft

Supplies you need to create the hydrangeas cork stamp craft:

  • A few cork stoppers (You’ll want a cork stopper for each flower color.)
  • Blue craft paint
  • Pink craft paint
  • Purple craft paint
  • Green craft paint
  • Wood stick from a tree (One from the backyard that has fallen off of a tree will work perfect.)
  • White art paper
  • Paper plate or a paint palette if you have one

hydrangeas cork stamp craft

What you’ll do to create the hydrangeas cork stamp craft:

Step 1: Place about a quarter sized amount of pain colors on a paper plate.

Step 2: Take a cork and dip it slightly in the paint.

Step 3: Stamp a dot onto paper.

cork stamp craft

Step 4: Refresh with more paint if needed.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 stamping dots to create a circle about the size of the child’s fist.

Step 6: Then stamp on the inside of the the circle until it is filled with dots.

Step 7: Use a new cork to stamp another color dot. Create the next flower! You can create as many flowers as you’d like or that can fit on your paper.

Step 8: Place one side of the wood stick in the green paint and then stamp the hydrangea flower stem onto the paper. and ask the artist to dip the stick into the paint.

wood stick nature paint brush

Using a piece of nature is such a fun way to paint!

This spring craft idea is so easy to make and turns out really cute!

hydrangeas cork stamp craft

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