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I Met The Singer Of Aladdin

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I had the opportunity to meet the singer of Aladdin ‘s “A Whole New World” last week and it was such a dandy experience.  Brad Kane is talented, down to earth, friendly, and he was so excited to tell us all about his 20 month old little girl Lillian.  Complete with his sharing of a picture of her under the St. Louis Arch.  That is in fact where he headed to meet her following our interview.  She is the sparkle in his eye and his face simply lit up when describing how Lillian recognizes her dadda’s signing voice in Aladdin.  Brad Kane is such a great person and it was a pleasure to meet with him to discuss the re-release of Disney’s Aladdin on Blu-ray!


The singer of Aladdin ‘s A Whole New World Brad Kane and I.

While in St. Louis Brad performed along with the Wash U Aristocats.  He was very enthusiastic when talking about performing with this a cappella group of young adults and I could tell that he enjoys being part of helping to develop young talent.  In fact he said something during our interview that I will always remember.  He said, “Say yes to everything.  You never know where it’s going to take you.”

brad kane quote

Brad Kane said yes to Aladdin not knowing exactly where is was going to take him.

It was an excellent choice.

The early years of Brad Kane’s career was much like that of a well rounded Broadway sensation.  He appeared in shows like Grease, Evita, and She Loves Me.  However his life took a different turn as a senior in high school when he auditioned to be the signing voice behind Aladdin.  His audition song was Proud Of Your Boy”.  Shortly after he began his college studies at NYU film school, joined a band and forgot about the audition that he didn’t hear back from.  10 months later he was performing in musical gigs and sleeping on friends living room floor while on the road when he got the call back that would change his life.


At the time he said that no one realized just how big Aladdin was going to become.  Or that the singer of Aladdin would be a pivotal moment of his career.  It was on the brink of something huge.  The Disney animated films weren’t back in full force yet.  Only the Little Mermaid had been released and Aladdin was still pre Beauty and the Beast.


In addition to the re-release of Aladdin you can also catch Brad Kane as a writer and executive producer for Black Sails on Starz.  


The Aladdin Blu-ray is available to own TOMORROW, October 13th.

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Thank you, Brad Kane for a really great interview and giving me a look into your world.  I look forward to sharing the whole new world of Aladdin with my own children.

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