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I Want Candy But First Must Tell A Joke

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Have you seen the latest Halloween commercial? It’s from Party City and totally makes me smile since it’s set to a really dandy 80’s song: “I Want Candy”. The commercial shows kids dressed as their favorite characters and going door to door collecting candy. Sure it’s all about the costumes for sale BUT it made me think about the strange tradition we have here in St. Louis. On Halloween night kids go door to door like everywhere else, but they are also expected to tell a joke.

I Want Candy But First Must Tell A Joke

I’m not even sure where this tradition of telling a joke began. At least not when it first started in St. Louis. It has been said that the tradition first began in Des Moines, Iowa during the Depression. I guess it just made it’s way to our Midwest town!

On October 31st kids in St. Louis don’t just don Halloween costumes and go around saying, “I want candy”. They also have to tell a joke. There’s no singing trick-or-treat happening around here when kids knock doors on Halloween night. In St. Louis those passing out candy expect to be told a joke. And kids make sure to be prepared!
My kids favorite joke that they like to use over and over again?
Why are there gates around the graveyard?
Because people are dying to get in!
Perhaps I can get them to tell a new joke this year. I’ll have to work on that. First they will have to decide on costumes. So far the following have been discussed…

 But we all know it will change a few more times before Halloween!
What are your kids being for Halloween?
Do you have a special Halloween tradition in your city?
Will your kids say, “I want candy”, “trick-or-treat”, or do they tell a joke?




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