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I’m late and a dollar short.

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I’m late.  I’m late.  For announcing a very important date!  Are you wondering why I’m late?  But wait just a minute… As far as being a dollar short…  I’m not like in debt or anything.  I’m just always a dollar or so short when I have to turn funds in for my kid’s field trip or or something.  I mean seriously.  Who really carries cash around anymore?  Who?  Not me.  I’m a card carrying mama of the credit variety.  Plus I thought it sounded kinda catchy for a blog post title.  Was it catchy?  Is it catchy?  Okay.  Back to my being late.  One year ago YESTERDAY our lives were changed forever with the birth of our baby Banjo.


April 14, 2008 at 5:32 P.M.

I cannot believe that it has been 7 years since I first became a mother.  SEVEN years.  The time just keeps on flying by.  In the days leading up to his birthday I found myself looking through pictures of him growing up.  I also found myself wondering just how it happened so fast.  I wept.  Sure he’s only 7 and there’s still years upon years, eternity really, that I will be his mom so I shouldn’t get into too deep of a  depression over his turning 7.   Right?  But I still just can’t help thinking that if these 7 years went by this fast then what of the next 7 years and the next?  Time will inevitably keep trudging on.  Seven years from now he will be 14 and then 7 years after that he will be… Alright I’m just going to stop myself right there before the tears start to flow again.  He’s our first born and it seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.  That’s exactly how it seems.  It so does not seem like just yesterday he turned seven.  But he is seven and even though the time hasn’t stood still and has gone by too, too fast I’ve loved every minute of it.


Now back to just why I’m late.  I’m late because I’m no longer the mommy to one little guy.  Sure I’m still his mommy.  Always will be.  But you know that already right?  You know that I’m late because I’m now the mommy of 3.  Basically I’m late a lot now.  Who isn’t when they have 3 kids to run after? But just know that no mater how late I am I still haven’t forgotten how special this little guy is.  He’ll always be my little Banjo.  He’s my guess what conversation buddy.  He’s the most caring, purest, best smile, cutest hair, warmest personality, and happiness in our lives.  I’m so very blessed to call him my little Banjo, my first reason for being a mommy.  And that’s pretty dandy.  Actually it’s very dandy.


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